Discussion and student response

Discussion and student response


A relational database model allows database users to analyze data  thoroughly. To accomplish this, advanced commands such as “union” and  “intersect” may be used.

  • Describe a business scenario where a “union” relational set operator may be used to merge two similar data sets.
  • Analyze the analysis and data consistency advantages of using a  “union” operator rather than simply merging two data sets into one  result table, within the context of your business scenario.
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

ISOL 631 Operation Security Research paper

ISOL 631 Operation Security Research paper

 Individual Project Prepare a report to address all aspects of the assignment.  This report should be no less than 10 pages of content.  You need to include outside sources and properly cite and reference your sources.  You must have at least 10 references, 5 of which must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  In addition to the 10 pages of content, you will want a title page and a reference sheet.  This report needs to be in proper APA format. Paper Sections The following sections should be outlined as Headers in the paper. Introduction, thesis statement, overview, purpose
Background, discuss history of topic
Discussion, identify benefits, obstacles, innovations
Conclusion, summarize the overall study, lessons learned
References, minimum three references with citations in the body All written reports should be submitted in MS Word.  The paper submission will use SafeAssign. Please ensure to use the proper Author, YYYY APA citations with any outside content brought into the paper. Be prepared to present a 10-minute presentation on this assignment. Students must submit both written assignment and presentation slides in the folder labeled “Make Up Assignment” in your iLearn course.AssignmentBelow are Residency Project examples by Faculty.

Please note, you may have to select a topic within one of the options. Read Carefully. 

You will need to complete the following:     I.           Develop an Incident Response Policy for ACME Company that will be used as your reference for your evaluation of this potential data incident (this is an attachment that should be included in your paper and referenced in your presentation). II.           Upon developing ACME Company’s Incident Response Policy, evaluate the incident described above:

  • Summarize the data incident and potential level of risk, include why?
  • Upon identifying the  types of data that could potentially be impacted and what laws/regulations could be in violation of non-compliance if this data was breached
  • Develop your action plan to evaluate this data incident (include your rationale for why the steps were necessary)
  • Describe how the Incident Response Policy supported your actions
  • Identify any issues that made the evaluation more difficult
  • Identify areas of future risk mitigation actions should a similar incident occur (look at the gaps or issues with this scenario)
  • Close the incident (NOTE: The outcome of the incident did not surface any major risks or data breach to the company but it took the evaluation to get to this conclusion)

Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning


Problem Overview


The Context of the Problem

Large technology projects, whether the development of new technologies or upgrading current systems or software applications, can be costly. In larger organizations, a million-dollar (or more) project is not unusual. Once a project is rolled out to production, it is important to evaluate the performance of the project. This is generally a comparison of the anticipated benefits used in making the decision to move forward with the project versus the actual performance of the systems of software once in use. Various methods may be used to evaluate the performance; however, it is important to develop a broad set of standards for making an assessment of the systems or software.

The Problem

Your organization has made a very large investment in the purchase of infrastructure or development of an in-house software application. As examples, the network infrastructure has had a hardware refresh, business analysis data tools have been implemented, or a new customer resource management software tool has been implemented. Your team must assess the performance of the newly launched technology. You will be providing the various stakeholders (user community, project managers, and senior leadership) with the plan to be used for conducting the performance assessment, including the process of collecting performance data, analysis methods, and an explanation of the appropriateness of the methods to be used (the data may be concocted or gathered from a representative system).

As you work through the problem, be sure to focus on reaching these learning outcomes:

  1. Optimize organizational processes using data analysis.
  2. Assess the potential of various software to enhance organizational performance.
  3. Evaluate applications for the potential to improve collaboration, sharing, and lowering cost.
  4. Manage application development to lower cost and improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  5. Maximize the return on organizational technology investments.
  6. Develop application policies and procedures consistent with the Virtuous Business Model.
  7. Assess the challenges, technologies, and system approach issues in developing and deploying applications.




Step 5: Performance Assessment and Change Management Plan


Presenting the Solution

Your deliverable for Step Five is a Performance Assessment—a final report that builds on the deliverables you created in Steps Two through Four.

The final report to stakeholders related to the performance of a technology investment will depend on what constitutes an actionable performance report. What must the stakeholders be able to use in determining success? In a technology environment, this can often be difficult to define. Stakeholders may not have enough of a technical background to understand measurements from a system. Qualitative measures may be easier to recognize than bytes or CPU cycles. Technical measurement must often be reported in layperson terms. The team will need to assess the data and develop a means to report the data when providing a solution.

The team will need to determine what makes the technology investment successful in the eyes of the stakeholders. The team will need to translate the measurement results to a narrative analysis while providing understandable measurements as evidence of success.

The Change Management Plan to Implement the Solution

Good problem solvers know that finding the solution is not the end of the process; the solution must be implemented. Some solutions are easy to implement, and others can be very challenging. All solutions, however, require a change. It is possible that the investment in technology has not produced the quality of performance originally hoped for. In such cases, good leaders know that managing change requires a strategy. In this course, we will assume your team experiences both success, as measured by performance criteria, and less-than-successful results, in which case your team must reach a conclusion on the solution in the form of recommendations to resolve performance. Now you must develop a brief Change Management Plan to implement the solution.


Instructions for Deliverable

  1. As a team, prepare a Performance Assessment report that shows the investment in technology was a success according to the results of the solution testing. The report will follow this structure:
    1. Professional cover page
    2. List of contributors
    3. Table of contents
    4. Executive summary
      1. An executive summary is designed primarily to serve the person who, at least initially, does not intend to read the entire report. It usually states the main points of each section and emphasizes results, conclusions, and recommendations, usually in around three pages.
      2. Executive summaries are ideally suited to the needs of leaders who are seeking advice about a decision or a course of action. These summaries are called executive summaries because some decision-makers rely wholly upon their advisors to read and evaluate the rest of the report.
      3. For the purposes of this assignment, the Executive Summary should be no more than two pages and should concentrate on the background of the problem, test measures conducted, and a summary of findings.
    5. Organized sections of findings (for example, goals of the testing, action steps, protocols, resources, definitions of terms, etc.)
    6. A separate section in which you develop a set of recommendations, assuming now that the findings of the measurement research did not support a successful investment. You should offer some potential recommendations to mitigate the failed project.
    7. The Change Management Plan
    8. References in APA Style(new tab) format (for scholarly or practitioner resources that are cited or used within the plan)
    9. Appendices (OPTIONAL—attached materials, tools, documents, samples, templates, etc. that are part of the solution)
  2. As a team, create a briefing in PowerPoint to accompany your team report. The PowerPoint briefing must include the following:
    1. Statement that summarizes the report
    2. Brief description of how measures were determined for use in the evaluation
    3. Justification for reporting the success of the project
    4. Conclusion that summarizes success based on the measurements
    5. A brief set of recommendations if the project were deemed to have missed the mark on performing as anticipated
    6. The Change Management Plan
  3. If any resources are cited in the report, use APA style to format in-text citations and the references list.

Security Governance, Laws, and Compliance

Security Governance, Laws, and Compliance

The first product requested of you as the CCISO by the CB Drifter Technology senior staff is to detail the organization’s security governance in a document, referred to as a security program plan or security charter. This security charter, a 4-5-page MS Word document, should show how the security program aligns with the goals and governance of the organization.

Paper Format:

  • Title page (does not count towards page length requirement). Use “CB Drifter Technology Security Charter” as document title.
  • Security vision
  • Security mission
  • Security scope
  • Strategic security objectives
  • Security responsibilities
  • Security principles
  • Corporate and management commitment
  • Evaluate and renewal requirements
  • APA References page (does not count towards the page length requirement)

Your report must be written using the APA writing style. For more information on APA, please visit the APA Lab.

Research Report #2: Emerging Issues Risk Analysis and Report

Research Report #2: Emerging Issues Risk Analysis and Report


Research Report #2: Emerging Issues Risk Analysis and Report

CAUTION: there are a number of websites which are offering “professionally written” versions of this assignment. Please do not make the mistake of trying to use such papers as sources for your research. They do not meet the requirement for authoritativeness (see https://libguides.umgc.edu/credibility ). Your submitted work WILL be scanned by Turn It In and your grade will reflect the quality of your research and writing for this assignment.


The Entertainment Team (ET — part of Resort Operations at Padgett-Beale, Inc.) is excited about a new event management platform and is ready to go to contract with the vendor. This platform is a cloud-based service that provides end-to-end management for events (conferences, concerts, festivals). The head of Marketing & Media (M&M) is on board and strongly supports the use of this system. M&M believes that the data collection and analysis capabilities of the system will prove extremely valuable for its efforts. Resort Operations (RO) also believes that the technology could be leveraged to provide additional capabilities for managing participation in hotel sponsored “kids programs” and related children-only events. 

For an additional fee, the event management platform’s vendor will provide customized RFID bands to be worn by attendees. 

The RFID bands and RFID readers use near-field communications to identify the wearer and complete the desired transactions (e.g. record a booth visit, make a purchase, vote for a favorite activity or performer, etc.).

The RFID bands have unique identifiers embedded in the band that allow tracking of attendees (admittance, where they go within the venue, what they “like,” how long they stay in a given location, etc.). 

The RFID bands can also be connected to an attendee’s credit card or debit card account and then used by the attendee to make purchases for food, beverages, and souvenirs. 

For children, the RFID bands can be paired with a parent’s band, loaded with allergy information, and have a parent specified spending limit or spending preauthorization tied to the parent’s credit card account.

The head of Corporate IT has tentatively given approval for this outsourcing because it leverages cloud-computing capabilities. IT’s approval is very important to supporters of this the acquisition because of the company’s ban on “Shadow IT.” (Only Corporate IT is allowed to issue contracts for information technology related purchases, acquisitions, and outsourcing contracts.) Corporate IT also supports a cloud-based platform since this reduces the amount of infrastructure which IT must support and manage directly. 

The project has come to a screeching halt, however, due to an objection by the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO has asked that the IT Governance Board investigate this project and obtain more information about the benefits and risks of using RFID bands linked to an external system which processes transactions and authorizations of mobile / cashless payments for goods and services. The CFO is concerned that the company’s PCI Compliance status may be adversely affected.

The Chief Privacy Officer has also expressed an objection about this project. The CPO is concerned about the privacy implications of tracking both movement of individuals and the tracking of their purchasing behaviors.

The IT Governance Board agreed that the concerns expressed by two of its members (the CFO and CPO) have merit. The board has requested an unbiased analysis of the proposed use cases and the security and privacy issues which could be reasonably expected to arise. 

The IT Governance Board has also agreed to a request from the Chief of Staff that the management interns be allowed to participate in this analysis as their final project. Per the agreement, their involvement will be limited to providing background research into the defined use cases for cashless purchases. These use cases are:

1. Purchases for craft materials and snacks by children (under the age of 13) attending a hotel sponsored “kids club” program. 

2. Purchases by Individuals attending a music festival or other event where IDs must be checked to establish proof of age (legal requirement for local alcoholic beverage consumption).

3. Purchases by attendees at trade shows (attendees are “adults”).

Your Task

Pick one of the three use cases listed above. Then, follow the directions below to complete the required research and write your final report. 


1. Read / Review the readings in the LEO classroom.

2. Read this introductions to RFID technologies: https://www.gettoken.com/beginners-guide-rfid-technology-events/ 

3. Research one or more of the Use Cases

a. Children: 8 Benefits of Using RFID Wristbands for Resorts & Attractions (see section 4: Family Freedom) https://www.idcband.com/en-us/blog-us/8-benefits-of-using-rfid-wristbands-resorts-attractions/ and https://tappit.com/resources/blog/rfid-wristband-safety 

b. Managing Adult Attendees at Music Festivals (includes RFID bands linked to twitter, Facebook, and credit/debit card) http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/rfid-wristbands-vs-nfc-smartphones-what-s-winning-the-contactless-battle-1167135 

c. Tracking Adults at Trade Shows  https://blog.printsome.com/rfid-wristbands-good-bad/

4. Choose one of the Use Cases then find and review at least one additional resource on your own that provides information about privacy and security related laws that could limit or impose additional responsibilities upon Padgett-Beale’s collection, storage, transmission, and use of data about guests. (Note: laws may differ with respect to collecting data from or about children.) You should also investigate laws, regulations, or standards which impact the use of the RFID bands for mobile purchases.

5. Using all of your readings, identify and research at least 5 security and privacy issues which the IT Governance Board needs to consider and address as it considers the implications of your chosen use case upon the adoption or rejection of the proposed IT project (Event Management Platform & RFID bands). 

6. Then, identify 5 best practices that you can recommend to Padgett-Beale’s leadership team to reduce and/or manage risks associated with the security and privacy of data associated with the event management platform.


Write a five to seven (5-7) page report using your research. At a minimum, your report must include the following:

1. An introduction or overview of event management systems and the potential security and privacy concerns which could arise when implementing this technology.  This introduction should be suitable for an executive audience. Provide a brief explanation as to why three major operating units believe the company needs this capability. 

2. An analysis section in which you address the following:

a. Identify and describe your chosen Use Case

b. Identify and describe five or more types of personal / private information or data that will be collected, stored, processed, and transmitted in conjunction with the use case.  

c. Identify and describe five or more compliance issues related to the use of the RFID bands to make and track mobile purchases.

d. Analyze and discuss five or more privacy and security issues related to the use case.

e. Identify and discuss 3 or more relevant laws, regulations, or standards which could impact the planned implementation of the event management system with RFID wrist bands.

3. A recommendations section in which you identify and discuss five or more best practices for security and privacy that should be implemented before the technology is put into use by the company. Include at least one recommendation in each of the following categories: people, processes, policies, and technologies.  

4. A closing section (summary) in which you summarize the issues related to your chosen use case and the event management platform overall. Include a summary of your recommendations to the IT Governance Board.

Submit for Grading

Submit your research paper in MS Word format (.docx or .doc file) using the Research Report #2 Assignment in your assignment folder. (Attach your file to the assignment entry.)

Additional Information

1. To save you time, a set of appropriate resources / reference materials has been included as part of this assignment. You must incorporate at least five of these resources into your final deliverable. You must also include one resource that you found on your own.

2. Your research report should use standard terms and definitions for cybersecurity.  

3. Your research report should be professional in appearance with consistent use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use headings to organize your paper. The CSIA program recommends that you follow standard APA formatting since this will give you a document that meets the “professional appearance” requirements. APA formatting guidelines and examples are found under Course Resources > APA Resources. An APA template file (MS Word format) has also been provided for your use.

4. You are expected to write grammatically correct English in every assignment that you submit for grading. Do not turn in any work without (a) using spell check, (b) using grammar check, (c) verifying that your punctuation is correct and (d) reviewing your work for correct word usage and correctly structured sentences and paragraphs.  

5. You are expected to credit your sources using in-text citations and reference list entries. Both your citations and your reference list entries must follow a consistent citation style (APA, MLA, etc.). 

Discussion Board 300-400 Words

Discussion Board 300-400 Words

Assignment Deliverables

As the new Chief Information Security Officer for CB Drifter Technologies, you have been asked by the CEO and CTO to start a discussion with the senior staff on the following:

1) What are the 5 new elements of the Information Security Governance framework. Describe each in 2-3 sentences.

Ideally the information security governance framework aligns with the organizational governance framework and considers internal and external factors shaping the security program leading to the next required discussion question:

2) What are the external and internal drivers that help shape a corporate security program? Describe each in 2-3 sentences.

Overview of IS Audits

Overview of IS Audits

Your project lead has asked you to determine if PVSS has ever conducted an audit. After further investigation of the situation, you determine that this will be the first review that PVSS has conducted or to which it has been subjected. Your project lead has asked you to summarize your review and next steps.

In a 4-5-page TECH MEMO [format included here in the School of Information Technology LibGuide] addressed to your project lead, complete the following:

  • Explain what steps you will need to develop and establish to facilitate a successful audit.
  • List and describe the steps and tasks required to implement an audit program.
  • In addition, describe the audit class(es) that would be applicable to your contracted audit.
  • Describe which information systems would be considered part of the scope for the audit.

Cover page and reference page are not included in page count. Document formatting, citations, and references must follow APA format. The AIU APA Guide includes sections for paper formatting, as well as reference and citation examples. For example, 250 words equals one page of content.

Discussion Board 300-400 Words

Discussion Board 300-400 Words


Peak View Sound Sources is a public company based in Denver, Colorado and is focused on providing digital media and Web sites to music companies and musicians through the Mountain and West Coast regions. The company has a solid reputation and is starting to get some national and worldwide attention, with new prospective companies wanting to take advantage of the quality services they have seen on other existing Web sites.

Your company has been hired to assist Peak View Sound Sources (PVSS) to ascertain the security posture of the company’s Information Systems resources and services. You are heading the team of auditors tasked to perform the audit and assessment.

You enter the company offices of PVSS and begin your analysis of the environment and situation. 

Initial analysis has allowed you to determine that the company is made up of the following divisions:

  • Corporate Management and Support Staff: This organization contains the executive management, human resources, and accounting teams. All company decisions are directed from the management team.
  • Information Technology: This team manages the networks, servers, Web sites, and desktop environments for the company. The team has a perception of being difficult to work with, as they are slow to adopt new technology and slow to implement new offerings. The reality is that the team has resources and wants to uptake the newest and greatest technology, but they spend most of their time putting out fires and reacting to issues.
  • Media Content and Design: This team is in charge of working with the record companies and musicians to create the Web Sites and implement the product offerings that are sold.
  • Sales and Marketing: This team works with the musicians and record companies to offer and sell the services of PVSS.

There is a concern about the security of the infrastructure with respect to the ability to protect the copyrighted material that PVSS is given to host, because a single incident several years ago took place in which an entire new CD was released prematurely via the Internet. Although PVSS was not directly linked to the leak, there are suspicions surrounding PVSS.

Assignment Deliverables

As you continue your analysis, you see that the Information Technology (IT) department has developed several guidelines and procedures about how various systems should be considered and set up, but this is internal only to the IT department. Every time a new machine is set up and deployed, within a month, the configuration is changed.

  • Explain why you think the use of these guidelines and procedures is not sufficient and may not solve the problem. Consider how a company-wide policy program could help the situation.
  • As you begin to prepare your game plan to conduct an Information Security Audit, talk about why you think this current situation makes it difficult to identify the controls that need to be examined.
  • If you were performing this security audit, with which regulations would you want to ensure that PVSS complies? Why?

Discussion posts Replies

Discussion posts Replies

Discussion post 1: 

A person’s job is to develop applications that align with most of the company’s requirements. The role played by a person in a particular company to facilitate most of their victory of the company’s various functions every day or as a lengthy reputation of the company necessity. Most of the personal skills in Information Technology will be utilized to aid and help the company strategy(Benitez, Llorens, &Braojos2018). However, an IT strategic agenda overlaps with most of the company framework for most of the functions, which can make them a top priority for that individual. The IT strategic program formulation of a person who has to talk with most of the company administration to retain a complicated strategy of their activity. A person will be able to understand the company technique arranged into recreation by the company. Understanding the company technique will help a person set up an application that will not be able to have the organization to increase the productivity characteristic to accomplish most of the desired earnings phases. The application techniques by a person who tries to make usage will try to authorize the company to have competitiveness as a benefit which will be against the present competition in the demands. During this kind of strategic strategy, which will be a very detailed examination of the company objectives and strategy, a person will attempt to create a strategy that encloses the analyzed characteristics and helps them. However, this strategic technique will try to discredit most of the problems the company is encountering. 

Therefore, a person will try to function with the organization’s administration to deal with this kind of package, which will have the company’s need for an information permit. One of the techniques will try to operate the organization to confront the different stakeholders. The engagement will assist in accomplishing situational considerations for most stakeholders, impacting festive activities toward the company objectives(Xiang et al., 2021). The procedure will also be intended to maintain most of the stakeholders generously and periodically inform them about most of the actions held by the company. A person will try to develop the technique to assist recognized regions in the respective organizations, which will need to be looking into that particular area.

Discussion post 2:  

Integrating BlockChain to provide security against Cyber attacks

Blockchain has been an interest for me in the last year. In this class, we took a dive into Blockchain and its applications in several industries. However, this has sparked my interest in the topic. Another area of interest is the cybersecurity area. Many organizations and governments are dealing with several attacks every day. Blockchain technology has several features that help to secure transactions. These same features can be applied in cyber security systems to help protect organizations from attacks. Password creation and updating have become more invasive for use. Organizations are consistently evolving to stricter password policies and including multiple-factor authentication. Blockchain will provide a more secure way and prevent users from memorizing multiple passwords and consistently changing them. “Integrating BlockChain to provide security against Cyber attacks” is the focus topic. Dai (2022) discussed some applications of Blockchain and cyber security. My research will focus on how it can be integrated and the ways it provides security against cyber attacks.

Comprehensive plan

Comprehensive plan


This is the fifth and final course project deliverable in the series of five sequential assignments in this course. You are continuing on in your role as the CTO of a hypothetical e-commerce start-up company of your design.Throughout the course, you have been working on delivering an information technology project plan in anticipation of the company relocating to a new facility.

  • In the first course project deliverable, you created a project plan inception document and supporting Gantt chart.
  • In the second course project deliverable, you developed the business requirements to be incorporated into the information systems design you are creating. You also updated your original supporting Gantt chart based on major and minor tasks identified in the business requirements document.
  • In the third course project deliverable, you created an infrastructure design that considered the key elements of software, hardware, security, and business process flow for your e-commerce startup company. Once again you updated the supporting Gantt chart based on the major and minor tasks identified in the infrastructure design document.
  • In the fourth course project deliverable you developed the system implementation document. This document spelled out the EFI technical aspects of your e-commerce company’s information systems infrastructure. Again you updated the supporting Gantt chart to reflect the major and minor tasks identified in the system implementation document.

You are now in the final stage of the project plan development. You will leverage all previous deliverables and integrate them into one document that will serve as the project’s statement of work.Your goal is for the start-up company’s executive team and the venture capital group to approve and fund your project. The detailed project plan is necessary to accomplish the monumental implementation task. The executive team and investors, however, are only interested in an executive summary in the form of a 10–15 slide PowerPoint presentation. As a result, you are required to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation, supported by the detail in your project plan, which convinces the executive group that your solution is optimal.This assignment consists of three parts:

Part 1: Comprehensive Project Plan

You will create an 8–10 page final comprehensive project plan. This document will distill down the most salient points from each of the four previous course deliverables into one integrated, cohesive comprehensive project plan that persuades investors of the recommended approach.Critical Note: Do NOT simply combine the previous four assignments into one 30–50 page document. Instead, your task is to:

  • Review each of the four previous assignments.
  • Select the most critical information from each that investors need to know to make an informed investment decision.
  • Summarize the information you selected.
  • Ensure that the selected information flows from one section to the next in a cohesive and compelling fashion.

Part 2: Executive Presentation

You will create a compelling 10–15 slide executive presentation that convinces the start-up company’s executive team and potential investors to invest in the company. Your recommended solution is the one that can grow this $5 million dollar, e-commerce start-up company into a $30 million dollar company within the next two years.

Part 3: Updated Final Gantt Chart

You will use Microsoft Project to update the supporting project Gantt chart begun in your first course project deliverable.

  • You are not creating a new Gantt chart, only updating the one you created in the previous assignment to produce the final project Gantt chart to include all major and minor tasks necessary to execute the project.


  • You are to create or assume all necessary assumptions to successfully complete this assignment.
  • You must submit all three parts as separate files to the assignment area. Label each file name according to the appropriate part.


Part 1: Comprehensive Project Plan

You are to write a comprehensive 8–10 page comprehensive, final project plan in which you:

  1. Describe the project’s goals, objectives, scope, and control measures.
  2. Relate the value of the proposed solution to the competitive advantage that information technology will afford the e-commerce company.
  3. Provide a rough estimate of the entire project’s cost, including hardware, software, and labor. 
    • The work you did to create the bill of materials in the fourth course project deliverable will help you with this.
  4. Use three sources to support your writing. 
    • Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.
    • Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
    • Access the library or review library guides for help with research, writing, and citation.

Part 2: Executive Presentation

You are to create a 10–15 slide executive PowerPoint presentation to persuade potential investors to invest in your e-commerce start-up company. In your presentation you are to:

  1. Illustrate the concepts from your 8–10 page comprehensive project plan in an executive presentation.
  2. Create bulleted speaking notes to the executive board in the Notes section of your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Create or assume any fictitious names, data, or scenarios that have not been established in this assignment for a realistic flow of communication.
  • Consider including images, graphics, charts, and tables in your presentation to increase audience engagement.

Part 3: Updated Gantt Chart

Use Microsoft Project to:

  1. Update the previous Gantt chart to produce the final project Gantt chart to include all major and minor tasks necessary to execute the project.


This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Note the following:

Comprehensive Project Plan

  • The preferred method is for this portion of your assignment to be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Include a cover page containing the assignment title, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
  • Include a source list page. Citations and references must follow SWS format. The source list page is not included in the required page length.

Executive Presentation

  • Use a readable size font (24 points or above) on your slides. For your slide notes, the preferred method is to use Times New Roman font (size 12), single-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Include a title slide containing the assignment title, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The title slide is not included in the required number of slides.
  • Include a source list slide. Citations and references must follow SWS format. The source list slide is notincluded in the required number of slides.

Learning Outcomes 

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Create a comprehensive project plan and an executive presentation for potential investors.