Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • How should a health care leader interface with local, state, or nationally elected officials to create a dialogue concerning local health care challenges? Include an example of an appropriate local health care challenge that should be shared with an elected official (or elected officials) and the type of elected official that you would select for this dialogue.
  • What happens when an innovative idea threatens the system that supports the business and the employees? Provide an example in your response.
  • Add references 

Part 2

Response to 3 responses 50 words minimum. Add references to each response.


One healthcare challenge that we are facing is patients not being able to go to doctor’s appointments. They are not able to go as often due to Covid-19 and social distancing. This leader could take the information to the government and request that they be able to implement teledentistry in all health care offices. The officials that I would consider using for the dialogue would be the CDC. Most doctors’ offices are listening to the CDC about the Covid-19 guidelines. They would be the best people to ask health care offices to implement teledentistry. 

If there is not sufficient evidence that the innovative idea will threaten the system, I don’t believe that we can say that it is a threat. Once the innovative idea is in place and we begin to realize that it is a threat to the system we will correct it. If that means going back to the drawing board and fixing any glitches or scrapping the idea completely and creating a new idea. An example of this would be if a new EHR system is introduced and it requires the staff to learn a new system. If that EHR is harder for all the staff to use it as it requires extra steps or it is not user-friendly. 


O ne of the major strategies that a health care leader should have as their goal, is to communicate with all parties that are involved with the organization. By having open and solid communication, this allows everyone involved to have a clear and direct understanding of what goals need to be reached, along with how they intend to reach these goals. Also, a health care leader should be encouraging their staff and showing them exactly how the organization should be run, along with demonstrating teamwork and lead by example. One of the local health care challenges that should be addressed with an elected official such as the mayor or governor is access or lack of that some communities are struggling with on a daily basis. Many smaller communities or rural areas are still traveling outside of their towns in order to see a doctor, which causes them stress because the trip is farther than they want to travel. If there were more clinics or physicians offices in these smaller towns, these residents would get the care they need within a short distance and might be able to get treated sooner, rather than later. 

When an idea threatens the system or organization, this puts stress on the entire facility causing employees to second guess their choice to stay employed and that organization. One issue that I have seen threaten an organization is, making promises to staff and not keeping the promise. By this I mean when managers tell their employees they are going to get raises and the employees have not seen a raise the whole time they have been at the facility and when the employees ask they are told it is not in the budget at that time. Also, telling the employees they are going to come up with ideas to avoid ” burn out”, but instead of following through they continue to ask the employees to work longer hours and extra shifts. 




A health care leader should interface a board face to face meeting with all executives and elected officials to discuss the concerning health care challenges. With this board meeting all of the executives and management can discuss the concerning health care challenges and what can be discussed along with discussing the healthcare entities that are facing the challenges and what can be done to improve these challenges. An example of a local health care challenge that I feel as though should be shared with an elected official would be the need for more physicians and nurses there are not enough to handle the load of local hospitals and the need for care. The elected official that I think would need to be addressed I would say would have to be the Chief Executive Officer of the hospitals that are experiencing the shortages in staff, this way immediate action can be taken, and so more physicians and nurses can be hired. 

When an innovative idea threatens the system that supports the business and the employees it can slow down the growth and success of the business. Many organization’s face internal challenges which then hinders the progress of innovation. To provide an example within my workplace currently we are experiencing some challenges of poor organization structure and with this challenge it has held us back from becoming the best organization that we could be, as well as it slowing down the process of us being able to progress. 

Playford, Brendan (2022). 9 Challenges Hindering Innovation in Your Organization. https://www.innovation-asset.com/blog/9-challenges-hindering-innovation-in-your-organization

Employment Law

Employment Law

 Begin with an introduction that establishes an understanding of the purpose. Clearly present your theory and summary of the main points. Next, for the first part, you must compare and contrast the rights—and the regulation of those rights—of unionized employees versus public sector employees. Address the following, at a minimum:

  • Differentiate the governance of rights for unionized and public sector employees.
  • Examine the rights of unionized employees versus public sector employees.

Next, compare and contrast the rights and benefits of a non-union member versus a union member in a unionized bargaining unit. Be sure to:

  • Summarize the rights of both members in a bargaining environment.
  • Examine the differences for the two member classes when it comes to strikes, concerted action, and other organization efforts.
  • Explain employer conduct that violates employees’ rights.  include up to three graphics (tables, or charts to augment your statement.

3 pages

Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) Development

Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) Development


  1. Include cover, presentation agenda, conclusion, and reference list slides, all of which may count toward total slide count. 
  2. Provide a slide with an overview on the importance of having a highly-developed staff of HR business partners. Be clear with your position.
  3. Provide 1–4 slides introducing the SHRM BoCK model and its components. Be sure to highlight each of the areas of the model. Note: It is highly recommended to insert an image of the actual SHRM BoCK model into the presentation. 
  4. Include in the remaining slides the following required presentation information: 
    • Provide a minimum of three to four bullet points (more if needed) of information or discussion describing the specifics on the SHRM BoCK’s “Behavioral Competencies.”
    • Provide a minimum of three to four bullet points (more if needed) of information or discussion describing the specifics on the SHRM BoCK’s “HR Expertise: Domains 1 & 2.” 
    • Provide a minimum of three to four bullet points (more if needed) of information or discussion describing the specifics on the SHRM BoCK’s “HR Expertise: Domains 3 & 4.” 
    • Provide a minimum of three to four bullet points (more if needed) of information or discussion describing specifics on certifying your HRBPs. 
      • Note: Good PowerPoints have very few words on the slides themselves—almost all of the information you need to include should be in the Notes.  
  5. Use at least four quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: You may only use the resources listed in the Course Guide and those that are specifically provided by the professor.
  6. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
    • Have headings for each section with all bulleted information aligned properly and using the same font and size. Images may be used but must be professional and relevant to the topic.
    • The source or sources of all images must be credited with both citation and reference. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include citations and references for all information received from other sources.
    • All bullet point information in the Notes sections must be descriptive and have a minimum of 3–4 full sentences.

Health Disparities

Health Disparities





Public Health Discussion

  1. To Do: Watch and review the articles. 
  2. Respond to the following questions:
    1. Is health a right or a privilege? 
    2. Why is it important to treat communities as well as individuals? 
    3. How would you describe public health to a person that has never heard the term before? 
    4. Share your thoughts about why you think health disparities exist. 

HMR 6302 Unit IV Journal

HMR 6302 Unit IV Journal

 Have you or someone you know ever experienced a situation where there was a need for unpaid family leave? (If not, imagine you are now in that situation in your current workplace.) Did you agree with the policy that was in place at the time? Why, or why not? As you describe and reflect on the situation, your reaction, and rationale, consider the impact of unpaid family leave laws on the employer. Does it alter your perspective? 

Discussion 1 Response 2

Discussion 1 Response 2

Reply to the below post in 300-400 words. The reply must include at least 3  scholarly sources (published within the last 5 years) in addition to the course textbook (attached) and relevant biblical integration. All citations and references must be in the current APA format.  Do not repeat the same sources as the original post, use of the text, or Biblical integration.


The intent of this thread is to answer question four relating to discrimination. Reverse discrimination is a term used to describe discrimination against individuals identified as being in a majority group. Since the idea of reverse discrimination is synonymous with workplace affirmative action initiatives that extend as far back as the 1970s, it would not be considered a new form of discrimination that is emerging.  Workplace groups that individuals may be categorized in are ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Murphy (2018) describes that the intent of discrimination laws is to protect all individuals. He states that the same laws used to protect minority employees could result in reverse discrimination for those in the majority.

Affirmative action involves practices performed to promote organizational diversity. The objective of affirmative action. The thought is that establishing and maintaining a diverse workforce that brings varying perspectives would be valuable to organizational effectiveness.  The challenge with building diversity within organizations is that some resort to a form of quota (Noe et al., 2021).  One of the negative aspects of affirmative action is that minorities provided opportunities through it may be perceived as less qualified (Morgenroth & Ryan, 2018).

Nagele-Piazza (2021) describes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs as a priority for employers to enhance the workplace. In the quest to diversify workplaces, organizations may violate applicable equal employment opportunity laws unintentionally. She highlights there has been an insurgence of lawsuits filed related to reverse discrimination in job opportunities and compensation.  As a result, Nagele-Piazza highlights three areas of risk that should be taken into consideration when establishing DE & I programs. Firstly, it is important to establish a positive perspective of DE & I through effective communication. Secondly, it is important that decisions are not made based on race. She provides an example of a company violating EEO laws by laying off employees based on race, as opposed to other factors like seniority. The establishment of hiring quotas from underrepresented racial groups would be considered a violation.  Thirdly, fair pay is highlighted as an area that should be taken into consideration. All individuals should be compensated based on their position as opposed to their protected status.

Noe et al. (2021) describe the fire department in Birmingham, Alabama as an example of imposed quotas. The city government entered a consent decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to set aside 50% of positions at every level specifically to be filled by minorities. This resulted in less qualified blacks being selected over some whites deemed more qualified based on testing. The determination of the federal court was that the hiring process violated federal civil rights law. The appellate court agreed with the determination. Located adjacent to the City of Birmingham, the Jefferson County Commission entered into a consent decree for a similar type of discriminatory hiring practices toward minorities. Wright (2020) highlights that the consent decree entered on December 29, 2022, was the result of a lawsuit pertaining to discriminatory hiring practices as it relates to Blacks and women.

The Equity and Inclusion Division (EID) of HR was created at Jefferson County Commission in response to the consent decree. This student was hired to be a part of the team and guide the organization out of it. Unlike the City of Birmingham, the County did not establish a quota system that set aside a specific number of positions at all levels for Blacks and women. The Equity and Inclusion Division placed a focus on leveling the playing field through training opportunities and redesign of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. Another question alternative pertains to the level of involvement management should have in the selection process. With the County, management was completely removed from the actual hiring of employees for their department. They were invited into the process of providing input into the knowledge, skills, and abilities applicants need to successfully perform jobs. A new selection division within the HR department was established to select applicants. The division consisted of employees with graduate degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

The Bible describes all of us as being one in Christ Jesus (New International Standard Version Bible, 2011, Galatians 3:28). That is a lesson that could be applied directly to the workplace and how individuals of all backgrounds should be treated.


Morgenroth, T., & Ryan, M. K. (2018). Quotas and affirmative action: Understanding group‐

based outcomes and attitudes. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 12(3), e12374-n/a. 10.1111/spc3.12374

Murphy, W. (2018). Distinguishing Diversity from Inclusion in the Workplace: Legal Necessity

or Common-Sense Conclusion? Journal of Business Diversity, 18(4), 65-83. 10.33423/jbd.v18i4.247

Nagele-Piazza, L. (2021, October 29). 3 Ways DE & I programs can run afoul of employment

laws. Society for Human Resource Management. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/legal-and-compliance/employment-law/pages/ways-dei-programs-can-run-afoul-of-employment-laws.aspx (Links to an external site.)

New International Bible. (2011). Zondervan. (Original Bible, Original work published 1973)

Noe, R.A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P.M. (2021). Human resource management:

Gaining a competitive advantage (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill.

Wright, B. (2020, December 22). Federal judge ends 38-year-old consent decree in Jefferson

County. The Birmingham Times. https://alabamanewscenter.com/2020/12/22/federal- (Links to an external site.)judge-ends-38-year-old-consent-decree-in-jefferson-county/#:~:text=The%20consent%20decree%2C%20which%20stemmed,two%20years%20with%20a%20monitor.

Discussion Response 1

Discussion Response 1

Reply to the below post in 300-400 words. The reply must include at least 3  scholarly sources (published within the last 5 years) in addition to the course textbook (attached) and relevant biblical integration. All citations and references must be in the current APA format.  Do not repeat the same sources as the original post, use of the text, or Biblical integration.


As the present global economic environment becomes increasingly complex and ever-changing, it is important for managers to have a higher level of autonomy to adapt to rapid changes. However, giving the burden of hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates solely to a manager can be overwhelming. Organizations that are decentralized and more horizontal in structure tend to give managers more sway on hiring decisions, compared to a more vertical, centralized organization. This allows decentralized organizations to tailor their recruiting to search for the right candidate, rather than a corporate team hiring a candidate without the input of the manager that will oversee the employee (McMichael, 2022). Allowing a manager, the autonomy of choosing his or her employees allows smaller teams to be more coherent and ensures the teams can work well together. Integrating an HR professional with a manager allows the manager to make informed decisions on the hiring process. For example, Walgreens embeds an HR professional with their functional managers, to ensure sound hiring practices and decisions (Noe et al., 2023).

           There are many reasons managers may desire to hire their own employees or decide that he or she wants a say in their employees’ compensation. One reason is due to the growing number of outsourced recruiting firms that have their own agenda when hiring employees for another company. The emotional connection and personality similarities that characterize a manager and his or her team may not be taken into consideration when an outside hiring agency helps place a new employee within the organization. Some managers feel that for their team to run as a cohesive unit, they should be able to pick who can join that team through the hiring process. There can be an argument for giving managers more autonomy to choose their employees, mainly due to the personality and camaraderie dilemmas that could arise within small teams, which could lead to unproductive behaviors and morale issues. Depending on the job, it may be easier for organizations to allow outside sources to pick potential job candidates, and with remote work becoming more popular, so is the practice of outside-source hiring. “The recruiting and hiring function has been eviscerated. Many U.S. companies—about 40%, according to research by Korn Ferry—have outsourced much if not all of the hiring process to recruitment process outsourcers” (Capelli, 2021, para. 3).

            While allowing managers to hire employees sounds like a great idea in some situations, allowing managers the autonomy to compensate their employees may not produce the best results. Often, managers could get caught up in emotional decisions when an employee is not performing well for one quarter. Allowing that manager to compensate his or her employees could lead to compensation inequalities throughout departments. Having a Human Resource Department or someone at the company’s executive level deciding the compensation allows for fair compensation plans throughout the organization. This shelters employees from the amount of power that is given to possible disgruntled managers. Whatever decision an organization makes on the autonomy of its managers, Christians should always remember to treat others with equality and respect throughout business and life. God’s word says, “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” (New King James Version Bible, 1971/1995, Luke 6:31).


Capelli, P. (2021, November 23). Your approach to hiring is all wrong. Harvard Business

Review. Retrieved September 4, 2022, from https://hbr.org/2019/05/your-approach-to-


McMichael, E. (2022, January 28). Improve hiring agility with a decentralized recruitment

model. iCIMS. Retrieved from https://www.icims.com/blog/improve-hiring-agility-with-a- (Links to an external site.)

decentralized-recruitment- (Links to an external site.)

model/#:~:text=A%20decentralized%20recruitment%20model%20moves,even%20take%2 (Links to an external site.)

0a%20hybrid%20approach. (Links to an external site.)

New King James Version Bible. (1995). https://nasb.literalword.com/  (Links to an external site.)(Original work published


Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B. A., & Wright, P. M. (2023). Human Resource

Management: Gaining a competitive advantage. McGraw-Hill.

Porter Novelli or Southern Company Case Study Instructions

Porter Novelli or Southern Company Case Study Instructions


Porter Novelli or Southern Company Case Study


From the Best Practices in Talent Management textbook,  Southern Company (Chapter 13) case study for this assignment. a 5 page  in which you:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the roles that the strategic leaders played in the formation of the performance management strategy.
  2. Develop five-point criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the talent management strategy and how the data could be collected.
  3. Critique the components of your talent management strategy and suggest alternative ways to achieve effective results.
  4. Outline the functional expertise component of this strategy and how it optimizes the company’s ability to identify highly qualified individuals.
  5. Use at least five quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not quality as academic resources.



week 10 discussion

week 10 discussion

apa format

1-2 paragraphs



please respond to the following:

  • As you speculate how world events may have affected talent management, determine a method to refresh the talent management strategy of your organization. Keeping in mind that the world is ever changing and the needs to find and develop talent are changing along with it, describe how an updated approach is necessary and what it would look like. 

Criminal justice

Criminal justice

Watch a TV show episode involving crime and personality disorders. Examples of shows include criminal minds, CSI, Law and Order, or something similar.

Write a 1,400 to 1 ,750 word analysis of the episode. Include the following:
Summarize the episode you watched.
Outline the personality disorders that were present.
Describe the symptoms of the personality disorders.
Describe possible treatment interventions for the criminal displayed in the show.
Describe possible difficulties that may be faced during treatment. 
Address challenges the offender or offenders in the show might reentering  society  after their incarceration. 
Suggest steps that could be taken to reduce recidivism for the offender or offenders.
Include a minimum Of 3 sources.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines