Is There More Change in Childhood or Later?
The changes in an infant over a period of months are striking. Height and weight increase dramatically, the child becomes increasingly more interactive with others in the environment, and communication becomes more fluent and complex. There is often the perception that beyond childhood, we don’t change very much. For example, Freud and Piaget both suggested that we are in virtually final form by the end of adolescence. This picture seems quite simple because there is quite a bit of change into and throughout adulthood.

1. Is there physical change after adolescence? 2. Is there psychological change after adolescence? 3. Do any theories deal with such changes?

at least 6 sentences 


Ettinger, R. H., & Herbert-McZeal, S. (2023). Introduction to Psychology Ii (5th ed.). BVT Publishing. 

In-text citation:

(Ettinger & Herbert-McZeal, 2023 p.)

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