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LLL company has identified a need to better prepare its employees for the future after being heavily impacted by an ill-prepared shift into Global Operations which led to a decrease in productivity, turnover due to employees not being able to use technology effectively, and difficulty becoming acclimated with cultural norms. As the company prepares to continue global operations, assistance is needed to reskill employees that are planning to join the Global Operations Team; identify best practices for hiring and training new talent; develop a leadership team; and manage change effectively. 


continuous development plan addressing the following: 

1 Select one of the eight pillars to achieve continuous performance development.  

• Discuss how the selected pillar will be instrumental for LLL company. 

1 Explain how change within the organization will be managed effectively. 

2 Propose a plan to reskill employees within LLL company that are not prepared for entry into Global Operations.  

• Explain what reskilling is within the plan. 

3 Propose a plan to identify leaders and develop them for LLL company.  

• Include specific characteristics that the selected leaders need to support the upcoming transition for LLL Company. 

4 Determine the actions needed to gain insight into employees’ experiences or improve employee

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