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Prompt 2:

Appraisal delay is the first stage in delay behavior within seeking the appropriate intervention for signs of a condition. In the case of appraisal delay, the time range in the decision-making process regarding whether the condition symptoms are critical. Next would be the illness delay stage is the period in time in which the signs of a condition have defined an illness and researched an intervention. Additionally, the behavioral delay stage is the time scale amid choosing to find intervention and pursue it. Lastly, the medical delay stage is the time frame within the individual creating an appointment for the intervention for the condition.

Some of the causes of delayed behavior are within individuals who do not have frequent contact with the primary doctor. In addition, this includes those who have fear of medical services. Past experiences of minor symptoms may have influenced the delay in finding an intervention. Another cause is the rate at which the pain occurs. Lastly, individuals who adjust effortlessly delay in finding an intervention.

Prompt 4:

A placebo is used against a treatment to test its effectiveness in the individual. The goal of a placebo is for the remedial aspect of the experiment. In comparison to all medications, the placebo has a significant and essential part of the treatment process to see if effective. A double-blind experiment is when a research study divides the participants into two groups. Then, two groups are formed to distribute either the placebo or the treatment. Neither party knows which option they will be provided. 

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