Anatomy and Physiology

The use of human bodily fluids such as urine has been in the past commonly used in teaching labs’ This

practice has been severely restricted for various reasons, one being the potential for exposure to

infectious agents. There are alternatives to using actual bodily fluids for learning although they are not

often the best practice for learning disease infection and prevention or practicing the scientific method

and use of controls. The following is adapted from the Student Urinalysis and Analysis Activity Kit from

Carolina Biological Supply, 20i”7.

This virtual lab exercise on Urinalysis is designed to help understand some of the basics of using

biological samples compared to controls in determining an interpretation of real data. Urinalysis is used

by doctors to assess various factors of urine, including color and pH, that could indicate disease. These

factors are normally kept in balance by the kidneys as they filter blood and produce urine but may

change under certain conditions like disease or medication use, or even with certain foods. Table L

shows the urine colors and possible things that affect color change and potential disease associated with

the specific urine color (Carolina Biological Supply, 2017).

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