Operations and Policy

  1.     In this assessment, you will put your critical thinking skills to work as you develop a position statement on a current healthcare issue.

    This assessment will demonstrate the importance of using critical thinking in the operation of healthcare facilities. Choose a current issue that reflects the political point of view of either one of the political parties, Republican or Democrat.

    Develop a position statement that argues your point of view of the issue.

    You can choose to upload a video position statement, or you may wish to submit a written work/presentation.
    Cite a minimum of 3 APA-formatted peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years that support your positions.

    Format your work as one of the following:

    • 430 word APA formatted (must be in Word format)
    • Video presentation (18-20 min long)
    • Annotated PowerPoint presentation (must be at least 10 slides, not including title or reference slides and must include annotated notes with references)
    • Include an APA-formatted reference list.

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