memo format

A couple items for your attention on this assignment:

  • Per the class discussion, there are multiple topics from which to select for this paper.  Those topics are:
    1. Innovation
    2. Corruption, political and/ or private sector
    3. Economy (inflation, recession, etc.)
    4. Strategy: 
      • For those students that have selected  ‘strategy’ as a topic for the Memo, attached please find the paper “What is Strategy” by Michael D. Porter 
      • Keep in mind the topic (“Strategy”) will also be a memo directed to a person(s) of your choosing
      • This will reflect your current vision and strategy as to your education, career, future strategy and expectations as to how you will achieve and obtain those strategic goals and objectives. 
  • The paper requires the Memo format, no matter the topic
  • Finally, to whomever you address this Memo, be certain to link the Memo and its contents to the recipient as to why it is being addressed to that individual

N.B. a timely submission utilising the Memo format will garner a grade of ZERO.  Negative points are awarded for a late submission, not utilising the Memo format or no paper submitted by the final submission deadline beyond the late submission. 

Please advise of any questions.


lj mahon

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