making a slide show for 2nd grade social studies


Lesson Plan Template (Replace with Lesson Name)

Subject: (What subject is addressed in lesson? Ex: Math)

Grade Level: (k-1, 2-3, or 4-5)

Objectives: (The student will learn______? The student will use/practice _______skills to complete project. You should have multiple objectives.)

State Standards: (What are the state subject based standards and art standards that this lesson will address?)

Duration: (How long should the lesson + art project take?/ex: Approximately 35-40 minutes) 

Materials Needed: (What will be used to complete the subject-based lesson and art project?)

Technology Required: (Will you need a computer, projector, or smartboard to give lesson?)

Overview: (2-3 sentences on what the lesson and art project are)

Handouts: (Include a copy of any handouts you use to present your lesson or art project at the end of your LP)

Lesson Procedure: (List steps and instructions–from the teacher’s perspective– to present and implement the lesson and art project. The art project should be used as a tool to improve comprehension of the lesson and create an alternate way for students to communicate understanding of subject based lesson.)

Evaluations: (How will you asses/grade the students’ completed projects? What is expected of the student? What will you be grading them on?)

Alterations for other grade levels: (Include brief alterations of the lesson/art project that is age specific for  

the other 2 grade levels you did not focus on)

Resources: (Cite your resources including other teachers or websites for your lesson or art project ideas)

**You must create a typed lesson plan and upload it into the discussion board for other students to print out 

(including any worksheets used). 

** You must also create a Power Point presentation of your lesson and upload it into the discussion board. Instructions are below.

Power Point Presentation Instructions:


To create a power point presentation about your subject based lesson plan and corresponding art project (which is used as a tool to improve comprehension of the lesson and create an alternate way for students to communicate understanding of subject)

Include in your Power Point: 

· Walk us through your entire subject based lesson plan and corresponding art project. Include any power point slides or worksheets you might use if you were teaching it in your own classroom. 

o If the project is more complex, please include visuals of each step of your art project.

· Pretend that you are teaching other instructors how to implement your lesson plan and art activity in their own classrooms.

· Show us an example of your finished artwork. 

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