Conners 3rd Edition-ADHD

 Each of the 3 questions below should be answered with a minimum of 150 words for a total of 450 words:


Choose as your client either Rosa (minor) or Maggie (minor) -ATTACHED BELOW-

  1. In narrative form, discuss the Content Scales, Symptom Scales, and Symptom Counts for your chosen client (either Rosa or Maggie). Discuss the T-Scores, Percentile Ranks, and what that means (e.g., “qualitative feedback) for each scale in regard to your client. 

The following T-Score notes will help clarify the meanings for the T-Scores. Remember that the mean for T-Scores is 50 with a standard deviation of 10 and that 68% of all participants for within one standard deviation of the mean. 

T Score ≥ 70 Very elevated scores

T Score 65-69 Elevated scores

T Score 60-64 High Average

T Score 40-59 Average

T Score < 40 Low

  1. Write a summary of your assessment of the client. Include their background information with their scores to create a more complete picture of the client.
  2. Next, write what steps you would take to ensure the client’s success. (CRC/CMHC this can be a treatment plan.) Please put all of this in narrative form.

**Resources provided in attachments**

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