assignment 2

  • Write a ½ page summary of the article in your own words. 
  • GAView will run your submission through Turn-it In. This website analyzes your writing to determine its uniqueness. If it is more than 20% similar to the article we are reading, then you will re-write it for half the possible points of the whole assignment. Everything should be rewritten in your own words. (10 pts)
  • In your own words write out the central question/hypothesis that the researchers tested. (5 pts)
  • Write out five questions you have about the paper. Asking about a word’s definition is an unacceptable question because you can look up the meaning of the word. (10 pts)
  • What is one thing you found difficult or challenging about reading the article? Why was it difficult? If nothing was difficult, then discuss why you found it not to be challenging. (5 pts)
  • Now that the researchers have information, what is the next step? Discuss what can be done with the information beyond what the researchers suggest. Is there another biological system to which this information can be applied? (10 pts)
  • Self- and peer-assessment. You will be rating your own level of participation (out of 5 points) in the group discussion taking place during class on Wednesday, September 14, and then rating your peers (out of 5 points).

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