Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade, June 24 2022

1.  Introduction: what is the problem & why it was important to pursue a new policy on the issue  (1 pages )   

2. Policy initiative or legislation summary of the main points   (2-3 pages) 

3.  Pros: what is good about this policy & why it is likely to solve the problem mentioned in the Introduction  (1.5-2 pages)

4. Cons: what is not so good about this policy & why it is unlikely to solve the problem mentioned in the Introduction, or what other problems will emerge from it   (1.5-2 pages)     


5.  Conclusion: Tie together all points made about issue, & refer to implications (1 pages) 

6. References:  Minimum 6 current quality references in APA form   (1 page)   


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