How To Cancel British Airways Tickets


British Airways (BA) Cancelled Flight Discount Rules

Involuntary discounts (assuming BA cancels your flight)

You will get a discount for the unused part of your ticket. The amount of discount will be whatever you paid to British Airways regarding expenses, charges, surcharges, taxes, and so on.

Assuming that you have partially utilized your ticket, the discount amount will be the distinction between the total fare paid less the pre-owned piece of the fare you consumed during your travel.

Voluntary discounts (assuming that you cancel your flight)

In the event that you cancel your flight ticket because of reasons other than those referenced above, you will get a discount on your ticket fare and different charges, surcharges, expenses, and so on, short a cancellation charge and administration charge (if applicable).

Assuming you have partly utilized your ticket, the discount amount will be the distinction between the total fare paid less the pre-owned piece of the fare you already consumed during your travel — and the applicable cancellation expense and administration charge.

General Discount Conditions

Non-refundable tickets cannot be voluntarily canceled. The discount due on non-refundable tickets will be limited to the refundable taxes or expenses paid. Notwithstanding, an exemption can be made in the event that you can demonstrate that you had to cancel your ticket because of occasions outside of your reach, in which case you may be issued a travel voucher (voucher credit) for future travel.

All discounts will be dependent upon the fare decides and conditions that apply to (and are referenced in) your booking.

Discounts will be made to the individual who paid for the ticket except if stated otherwise.

You should have the option to demonstrate that you paid for the ticket.

In the event that you’re applying for a discount, you should hand over the ticket along with any unused flight coupons.

In the event that you made a non-flight booking, for example, lodging accommodation, car enlists, and so on, you should cancel them separately.

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