Your job for this week is to create a proposal that includes the following:

You have the option of two types of research. Please note that in future weeks you will be asked to source some data that can then be used for charts and analysis. Consider this as you select the technology you want to discuss. Contact your instructor if you have any concerns or questions about your topic. The two options for your research are below.  You only need to pick one of them for your document.

  • Research a medicine, vaccine, or drug that can help with diseases or a patient’s health care. Some examples could be:
    • Cancer
    • Mental Health
    • Infectious diseases
    • Brain disorders
    • HIV/AIDs
    • Etc.
  • Research a technology that can potentially be implemented or is already used in a health care setting. Some examples could be:
    • Virtual Reality
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Medical Things
    • Innovative medical equipment
    • Etc.

Create a folder under your COMP150 research folder called “Week 3 Draft”. Next, create a new word document and name the file “YourName_COMP150_W3_Assignment.docx”.

You will then write a two to three page draft that discuss the following topics and create a PDF version of your work. If your selected technology has other areas that you would like to discuss, feel free to discuss them as well.

  • Technology, medicine or drug background (what it does, how does it work? etc.)
  • Benefits of a technology, medicine or drug
  • Costs
  • Reasons why it should be considered for implementation
  • Risks and final considerations

Make sure to apply the different formatting and options as provided below

  • All APA guidelines apply to this document except for some requests as detailed below. Please note that these requests may go against the overall APA guidelines but are used to determine your understanding of the concepts explained in the course.
  • The company’s colors are blue and gold. Select and apply a theme that matches these colors.
  • Include a separate cover page with the title of your company (Chamberlain Research Lab). Make sure to apply an effect to the title and change the title’s color to blue.
  • Change the font size to 14 and the font type to “Calibri”.
  • Make the first paragraph spacing 3.0 and add a border around it. The rest should follow APA formatting.
  • Make sure to include at least one list of items (numbered or bullet).
  • Modify the paragraph style options to be size 14 and Calibri type.
  • Change page margins to 0.5 for all sides.
  • Create a header that includes the date and page number.
  • Create a footer that includes your name and the course code COMP150

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