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1. Write an analysis of one of the writer’s and his or her ideas and themes in this week’s readings. As part of your analysis, discuss what social changes the writer wanted and how did he or she use writing writing to bring about those changes?
2. Compare and contrast this writer with one other writer from last week’s reading list. You can compare and contrast their themes, ideas, writing style, influences, their politics etc.

The Journal must be a minimum of two (2) double-spaced pages.

Submit as an MS Word file document.

Attention to spelling, formatting, and organization are part of your grade.

Minimum 2 double-spaced pages.

Focus on analysis, not summary.

 1. Ida Tarbell: The History of the Standard Oil Company.
Explore Tarbell’s ground-breaking book on Standard Oil and Worker’s Rights. Read a selection of at least 5 pages from any chapter. ( this week reading)

2.  Carrie Chapman Catt | National Women’s History Museum (womenshistory.org)  (last week reading)

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