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Silicon is the most abutment element in the earth’s crust and is molten at about 1400c where salts melt at 800c. Molten  silicon thermal energy storage offer higher storage temperatures than  that of salts. ‘Silicon has unique properties that confer the ability to  store more than 1 MWh of energy in a cubic meter, ten times more than  using salts.’  A research that has been done by MIT ‘ says that if you  use two 10 meter high storage tanks of molten silicon you would be able  to power 100000 households. In addition the silicon can hold up to 100  times more energy per unit than conventional solar. 

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Molten salts are used in heat transfers fluid and thermal energy  storage in solar power plants.  This is solar power collected through  mirrors and lenses that are laid out or set up in high sun light  concentrated areas. Molten salts are stored into hot storage tanks where  it can be kept for several days and then when it is needed it will be  turned into electricity. The salts are stored at temps around 565 c and  then once they are cooled to 290c it will be moved around for further  cold storage and reuse. 

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