CIS 348 Week 10 Discussion

Need a answer for #1 and a reply for #2

1. Please respond to the following:

  • All of the website migrations are complete and the work done so far is under budget and on time. The project sponsor wants to have a big celebration for you and your team, but you tell him that the project is not yet complete. Identify at least three things that you need to do to properly close down this project. Explain the problems that will arise if you do not close out this project.
  • The project sponsor is still not convinced and will only allow you to do one of the three things you presented to close out the project. Which one will you do? Why?
  • After posting your response, be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.
  • Concern: Is it done or not? Do not say it is the end if it is not.

2. Reply Quote

Hello Professor and Class,

I would conduct three things upon project closure: confirm project completion, review all contracts and documentation, and archive documentation. Just declaring a project complete is not sufficient. I would meet with all team leads and stakeholders to actually confirm the same. When reviewing all contracts and documentation, I would verify that all contractors are paid and that they have fulfilled contractual obligations. Finally, I will archive documentation so that references can be made to it for any similar projects going forward. This can be part of lessons learned documentation.

If the project sponsor is still not convinced, I will simply archive all the project documentation. Archiving records is very important because you always have a point of reference. The archive serves as project artifacts that can always be referred to, and it provides an audit trail of sorts.

Thank you

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