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Configuring Security Policies and Windows Firewall

Each topic can be 1-2 paragraphs which will sum up to 2 pages. I’ve attached the template needed for the assignment along with the grading rubric

Complete the following in a Word document titled “Assessment 3”:

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) contains several snap-in consoles to assist systems administrators to enforce IT policies on a network. Systems administrators can configure settings such as enforcing secure password policy. Often the configurations are carried-out via Group Policy at the domain level, and the policy flows down to users and nodes on the network. There are times when local group policy and local security policy can be used on workstations.

  • Explain how to enable a local group policy not to display the most recent logon credentials on a workstation. Why might this be desirable?

As a systems administrator, you are already aware that you must protect your network resources from intruders. The Windows Firewall is a security tool in most Windows systems that defends our computers and servers from unauthorized users.

  • Describe the process Windows Firewall uses to filter incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Describe how to deny access to a specific website through the Windows Firewall settings.

Describe two group policies that a system administrator should deploy to client computers on the network to address malware issues.

Recommend a hardware or software solution to combat malware attacks. Explain its effectiveness.

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