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Assignment (Links to an external site.) 

  1. What are working-class jobs at this time for young people?
  2. Why are most unions opposed to women entering the fields?
  3. What are the various concerns regarding popular amusements which were gaining in popularity at this time?

The New Woman: Professions (Links to an external site.)

The New Woman: College Women and Professionals (Links to an external site.)

Progressive Era Politics and Feminism (Links to an external site.)

Progressive Era Feminism and the Left (Links to an external site.)

African American Female Activism (Links to an external site.)

Intimate Friendship and Its Fall (Links to an external site.)

1. Why did some women who attended college decide not to marry?

2. What types of careers are open to women?

3. What were some goals of Susan B. Anthony and other women’s rights activists of the time?

4. What were some of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ideas about feminism?

5. How was suffrage granted to women in the US? What states granted suffrage before others?

6.  According to Mary Church Terell  why did African-American women form their own political organizations?

7.  What was Ida B. Well’s Barnett known for?

8. What does Lillian Faderman contribute to the history of women’s relationships?

9. In what ways did the cultural view of intimate female relationships change from the 1800s into the 1900s? 

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