Peer response

PICOT: For pregnant patients, during weeks 38-40 of gestation, does screening for depression with the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale, compared to current practice (postpartum period only), impact earlier identification and referrals to counseling in 8-10 weeks?

As you reflect on your professional growth during your DNP program, how has your work equipped you to practice as a DNP practice scholar and healthcare systems leader? 

I have become proficient at translating evidence-based literature into practice during this program. The consistency of the work performed in these two years has created a professional in me that I did not know before. The DNP program has given me a different lens to see the nursing world and the tools to improve it. DNP-prepared nurses are changing practice to enhance the quality of care and lives of patients and their communities (“Growth of the DNP degree,” 2019). The topic of sexually transmitted disease, for example, affects everyone regardless of background. The current literature does not address STDs appropriately and should be revised (Shannon & Klausner, 2018). As I finish this program, I would like to focus on creating a program to educate young people on this matter.


Danay Sosa


Growth of the DNP degree. (2019), 44(4), 8-8. to an external site.

Shannon, C., & Klausner, J. (2018). The growing epidemic of sexually transmitted infections in adolescents. Current Opinion In Pediatrics30(1), 137-143. to an external site.


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