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Leveraging Technology to Drive Competitive Advantage


Hi folks, we kick off week one with the case study you’ll be using for the balance of the class. Read the case carefully; one big difference to take note of in the new Reynolds environment; they have acquired one company, and entered into a joint venture with another. The acquisition requires integration. The joint venture imposes no obligation on either company to change environments, though some work will need to be done to share data effectively.

Be specific in your responses; this is a summary, but management will want to know how these recommendations apply specifically to Reynolds. – Chris

For this assignment, you are assuming the role of senior IT manager. Reynolds Tool & Die has decided on a set of competitive advantages it would like to pursue. The company has asked you to provide a 2-page executive summary outlining how you believe the company can leverage IT to achieve as many of these advantages as possible.

Carefully read the Course Scenario.

Read and complete the Week 1 Assignment Instructions.

Save your executive summary as a Microsoft® Word document.

Format any sources you include according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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