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Re-Direct Testimony -Based on your cross-examination work, the re-direct testimony portion of this assignment provides you the opportunity to rehabilitate the substance of your testimony. Keep in mind that in the re-direct, you are only allowed to address issues that were raised in cross-examination. If you and the attorney forgot to raise an issue germane to the substance of your testimony in direct examination, you cannot return to this topic (unless opposing counsel was foolish enough to give you an opening during the cross-examination).

Include the cross-examination questions you created from your last assignment. After each question, write your responses to the cross-examiner. Then follow each response with an explanation of why you believe your response addresses the cross-examination challenge—effectively clarifying or affirming your testimony as you would in re-direct.   Number and bold face your questions  Length: 5-6 double spaced pages  Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points. Peer Reviewed references. 

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