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1.Below scope changes listed are narrowing or widening the scope. I will address if needs not originally perceived arise. The plan was originally made to meet the costs, time, and personnel needed. If a deadline appears not to be met with present staff and funding, additional hires and further finance may be required. The project needs to be completed on time. Whatever reason caused the deadline to be in jeopardy, a resolution must be found and the project scope must be changed. Whether it was miscalculation, or even whether the change in scope should be immediate, and then the reasons for the needed change can be reviewed so it does not reoccur.

“Project scope refers to the list of project goals, deadlines, and tasks. The project scope is often detailed in a document called a scope statement or statement of work.

By laying out a project scope in a document, you provide the entire team with a guide on all aspects of the project, from the tasks to be completed to the resources needed to the goals to be achieved. The project scope can be widened if more needs to be accomplished than had been previously thought, and it can be narrowed if the project is too large for the team to tackle.”(,2021).

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“You know your project scope probably needs to be changed when a change request has been made” Project Management Institute. (2017). Refer to Figure 5-16. Validate Scope: Data Flow Diagram

As explained in expecting change step 1 to 4 of Unit 6 lecture, once a deviation had occurred in planned scope, schedule, and budget terms, then there must. Most often, project teams will hold regular status meetings, project review sessions, or submit formal reports where the “percent complete (UNIY 6 Lectures – PMG501 – Project Management)” of each task is identified as of a certain date –if the project team is aware of task progress.

“Expecting” change implies that we have an idea of what we’re changing from. That can be triggered either by following a predesigned change plan or by conducting a regular performance baseline.

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