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Clinical for Community and Public Health Nursing

 Care Plan 

Choose a community setting of your preference and create a patient scenario. Keep in mind this is a community and public health nursing clinical course therefore, your care plan should address a public health concern. 

Planning nursing is nursing action plans to be implemented to address the problems within their nursing diagnosis has been determined with the aim of fulfilling the needs of the client. So public health nursing care plan is based on pre-defined nursing diagnoses and nursing plan drawn up should include the formulation of objectives, plans nursing actions to be performed and the criteria for assessing the results of the achievement of objectives.

The steps in the planning of public health nursing are as follows:

  • Identify alternative nursing actions.
  • Set techniques and procedures to be used.
  • Involve community participation in planning through village community consultation activities, or mini workshops.
  • Consider the community resources and facilities available.
  • Actions to be implemented must be able to meet the requirement, which was felt by the public.
  • Leads to the objectives to be achieved.
  • Action must be realistic.
  • Arranged sequentially.

***Follow example attached to this assignment!

You must utilize the attached form to complete the assignment. This assignment is an individual assignment and everyone must turn in one care plan before the end of class.