ASTD 284 Laguardia Community College Week 5 Women and Culture Reflection

Write a review of 1000-1100 words of a scholarly book of your choosing on East Asia from the beginning to the seventeenth century.

A scholarly book is written by an expert–a researcher, professor, etc., usually with a PhD in their field–and presents research and engages with scholarly debates in the field. See here for a bit more information on how to identify a scholarly book. In searching for an academic book, consider things like: Is it published by a reputable academic or university press? Is it written by a scholar of the field? Does the book have a section with endnotes, a bibliography/references list, etc.?

You may wish to consult the following bibliographies to help you locate a scholarly book:




You can search the UMGC library website’s E-Books catalog to make sure you can find something you’ll have access to.

Your review should do the following:

1) briefly describe the topic of the book

2) identify the book’s thesis and argument

3) briefly describe the book’s sources (to be found in the footnotes and bibliography)

4) explain whether you found the thesis and argument persuasive and why, supporting your analysis with evidence and examples from the book

5) comment on whether the sources used enhance or detract from the book’s persuasiveness

6) address what you think were specific strengths and weaknesses of the book, using evidence and examples from the book

For this assignment, use only the book you are reviewing. Do not employ any outside sources.

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