You’ll then create an original work of art inspired by that artist’s style and technique.

For this week’s discussion, we’re going to do something a little different. Here’s a creative project for you, your chance to try out being an artist! For some of you, art skill may come naturally, maybe you’ve created art before. For others this may be the very first time you’ve lifted a brush. Regardless of your skill level, let’s all create something this week. Choose an artist that we’ve discussed in class the past few weeks, from the readings or the online lectures, that inspires you. You’ll then create an original work of art inspired by that artist’s style and technique. It can be any artist, as long as it’s one that we’ve covered in the course.

You’ve learned about the formal qualities of art (elements of art and principles of design), and other techniques to create a composition. Keeping these important art terms in mind, create your own, original composition. The subject is up to you – it can be anything; perhaps it will be a study from nature, a landscape, a still life, a portrait, or something non-representational, but should be clearly connected to the artist that inspired you. Whatever you create, it MUST be your own, original work of art and not someone else’s. You can use drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, or mixed media as your medium.

Please take a picture of your work in progress in stages as you will need to be able to document the steps in the process of making. Your work of art must be SIGNED by YOU in the lower right hand corner with clearly matching materials used to make the work. If it’s a sculpture, your signature must be carved into the bottom or back of the object.

After you have created your own, original work of art, post your final, finished image to the discussion board and write a paragraph about the making of this work of art. Consider the following questions in your post:

What is the title and medium of your work? What is the subject?

Which artist inspired you? Why did you choose this artist as your inspiration?

Why did you choose the medium you selected? What were the challenges you found when using this medium?

Did you have any previous art experience? Do you have any desire to explore artmaking further? Why or why not?

State the elements of art/principles of design that most clearly connect to your work of art. List at least two.

The same rules apply as the other discussions, and remember that if it is not your own, original work, you’ll receive a grade of 0. Save your in-progress documentation in case there is any question about whether it is your own original work. IMPORTANT: if your artwork is not SIGNED by you, you’ll receive a grade of 0 so please don’t forget to sign it!!

Note: I’ll let you know how to do the signature.

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