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I have a research paper that needs to be fixed and more information added to it

REL 100 Research Paper
This assignment gives you the opportunity to pursue a topic related to this course that you are curious about.
The assignment asks you to write in a more formal style than what you have used in the discussion questions
and responses. When the paper is done, it is hoped that your Bible will remain open and read, in part, because
of the work done on the paper.

• The paper should be 4 – 8 pages of double-spaced text. However, if you write clearly and concisely
and include your key ideas in four full pages, there is no need to write beyond four pages.
• Use a standard font such as Times New Roman 12-point font.
• Your paper should include a title page and a bibliography/works cited page. (not part of the 4-8 pages)

USE FORMAL LANGUAGE When writing your paper, use organized formal language. Avoid using:
o Contractions: Use did not instead of didn’t
o “A lot of…” “A lot of people” is better written “Many people.”
o “Well,…” Don’t begin your sentences with this vague word.
o “Would of” “He would of gone” is better written “He would have gone.”
o “Just” “I was just thinking” is better written “I was thinking”
o “Big” “It was a big deal” is better written “It was important.”

A. Opening Paragraph: STATE YOUR THEME (which is more specific than a topic)
In the first paragraph, state your theme, NOT merely your topic.
It is acceptable to say simply, “This paper will show that…”
A topic is not specific. For example, a topic would be: The Prodigal Son teaches an important lesson.
Your theme is your own solution and your individual findings on that topic. Fifty people may share the
same topic, but your theme should be uniquely your own.
• Sample Theme: The Prodigal Son shows God’s unending acceptance of all sinners.
• To support your theme, add sentences explaining that your paper will show that both the
younger son and the older son need and receive the love of the Father.
• Include two or three key ideas that are distinct to your treatment of the topic.

B. Middle paragraphs: Progression of thoughts with transitions
Each paragraph should establish an idea and include four to six sentences to verify the idea.
Refer to your theme throughout the paper as you provide evidence to explain and defend your theme.
Develop two to five key points which explain and apply your theme. Have a clear progression of ideas.
Do not simply list key ideas with no thought as to why the first is first and the second is second. Avoid
paragraphs which appear as pearls on a string with no connection between them.
• Select your main idea as your first point. State that reason clearly.
• Choose a second main idea that builds on the first idea.
• Continue to connect ideas so that what comes last ties in with all that has been said before.
As you make the steps in your argument, move from one paragraph to the next with clear transition

A transition sentence begins a paragraph. It takes an idea from the previous paragraph,
restates it briefly, and uses it to introduce the new material in the paragraph that follows. The reader
should be brought from what is known to the new information.

C. Concluding paragraph: Restate your theme and summarize your strongest key ideas.

The paper is attached with the professors comments

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