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Paper Guidelines

Mass Media & U.S Politics, PS 349


This paper should address a research question involving Mass Media & U.S. Politics, such as “Why x and not y?” or “Why do we see two completely different outcomes coming out of what appears to be the same circumstance or set of causes?” Ideally, this is a question that you genuinely do not know the answer to before conducting research, but one that can be answerable in the confines of a 8-10 page term paper (word count at least 2300). This question should be clearly identified in the first paragraph of your paper.

The next step is to do research and outline some explanations for your question. Your research will include but will not be limited to: reviewing the course materials, taking notes on them, and also doing further research of materials not required by the course (either books and articles from the library or online). As you conduct this research, the best answer to your question should start coming to the surface.


  • Between 8-10 (U.S. letter-sized) pages (word count at least 2300), 12 point font size, standard margins, double spaced.
  • Use a standard style for references, such as Chicago or MLA, but be consistent throughout the paper.
  • At least 5 non-encyclopedic references, only one of which can be News: The Politics of Illusion and only two of which can be films. (Wikipedia is not a proper source for a scholarly paper.) You may us Wikipedia as a starting point; just be sure to reference only non-encyclopedic sources, i.e. scroll to bottom of the Wikipedia article to see the original sources.

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