Write a Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan: A well written marketing plan upon which an organization can execute is the concluding project for this course. Your marketing plan will be based on a real life, publicly traded company. You will take on the role of CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER for this company. In your new “job” you will conduct a SWOT analysis based on public information, develop a list of marketing recommendations, selecting one recommendation, and write an implementation plan, including follow up metrics.

You will be working on the project throughout the course of the block.

• Week 1 – submission and approval of the publicly traded company on which you will work.

Rather than try to imagine a new company or product out of thin air, it is most helpful to pick a publicly traded company (NYSE or NASDAQ) in which you are interested. You will then study this company through their annual reports and other available resources; analyze external environment and their strengths and weaknesses, identify a potential new market opportunity upon which the firm can act, and propose a plan of action for that opportunity. I want you to tell me three companies in which you would be interested in having the CMO role, and I will “hire” you for one of those jobs. In that way, I can insure that the class has a good mix of different types of industries, different sizes of companies, different types of products, etc. I advise AGAINST choosing firms like Apple, Google, Netflix and other multi-billion dollar corporations because they are generally too large to comprehend and analyze well in the short period we have. I find students usually do quite well with single business firms. Please list three publicly traded companies along with their ticker symbol and in 100 words or less, why you are interested in each of them. If you feel especially strongly about one of the choices, label it as your #1.

• Week 2 – the required essay describes one or more potential growth opportunities for your company.

• Week 3 –choose one opportunity which you will develop for the marketing plan and submit this opportunity for my approval.

• Week 4 – the required essay describes the specific product or service attributes of your selected opportunity

• Weeks 5/6 – work independently on pricing and on marketing communications strategies, no submission required

• Week 7 – final marketing plan and marketing plan presentation are due. Your marketing plan presentation should be submitted in a 5-minute (max) Kaltura video.

The assignment is to be completed in PowerPoint, as most organizations today use this format for marketing plan communication with management. Your PowerPoint deck should include at a minimum text, graphs, tables, and bullet lists. It may also include photos and videos. (The template is provided to insure that all required topics are addressed).

You may need to add additional pages for some of the topic areas. You are not required to use the specific design that I have chosen for the template, but you are required to address each topic.

The marketing plan presentation – not the separate marketing plan – should contain at least 4 slides (without cover or ending page) and at least 3 of the following elements: graphs, tables, photos, videos, and/or text.

The 4 content slides should cover:

• Company Summary and SWOT analysis

• Market Strategy Recommendation

• One detailed element of the marketing plan (e.g., if a new market segment – which one and why, how does research support it? If a new product or service – discuss one of the 4 P’s

• Financial projection .

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