Write a Report depending on the following instrcutions below. (4-5 pages ) MLA format.

This is final NACLA Report on the Americas reviews. This review is to be at least 4-5

corresponds to the nations of South America, except Venezuela and Colombia. I have

streamlined the directions to make it easier for you find articles from the NACLA website. Just

click on any of the following links to find pages of articles pertaining to the following

nations: Argentina (Links to an external site.), Brazil (Links to an external site.),

Chile (Links to an external site.), Peru (Links to an external site.),

Uruguay (Links to an external site.), Paraguay (Links to an external site.),

Bolivia (Links to an external site.), Ecuador (Links to an external site.), and

Guyana (Links to an external site.).

Please use both a title page and a works cited page (neither of these pages’ count toward

your 4-5 pages of text). This is 60% toward your final grade.

In your works cited page, compose your article entry in a format like this:

Livia Peres Milani, “Remilitarizing Argentina,” NACLA Report on the Americas website (January 3, 2019).

I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the

report to a summary of the main points in the article that you selected. To help you to

address this issue, consider some of these questions: What is the main issue being discussed? (i.e.

immigration, elections, education, environment, women’s issues, crime, etc.) Who are the main

personalities mentioned in the article? (i.e. Enrique Peña Nieto, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,

President Trump, etc.) How does the issue affect the people of the country mentioned in the

article? Does the issue have any connection with United States interests? What do you think

could be the best solution to resolve this problem?

And for the second point of discussion, please analyze the article that you selected and present

your point of view on the story. For example, how do you feel about the story? How did this

article contribute to your understanding about modern Latin America? And what do you think

about the author’s perspective on the article? How does this topic relate to contemporary?

political, economic or cultural themes in the United States today?

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