Workplace Motivation

ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR SLIDE 7- CONCULSION AND THE VOICE OVER. SEE IN STRUCTIONS If you just type the voice over out I will record in my voice.


Slide 1 — Title Page

Slide 2 — Introduce the textbook portion of your presentation (Information that particularly interests YOU on from your selected chapter).

Slide 3 — Further discuss textbook information for your presentation information.Give more details.Note:You are not giving details on the entire chapter, just the topic that interests you the most!This would be a great place to tie in an additional outside resource.

Slide 4 — Provide information from your media summary that fits with you chapter and textbook information.Get personal here and explain how or why this particular content is of interest to you (now and/or in your future).

Slide 5 — Link your topic to useful information for your audience (your peers of fellow college students).Be Creative!!!Explain how they too might be interested in this area in their futures.This is another place that you could tie in an additional resource.

Slide 6 — Tie this concept into your own future goals.Be Creative!!!

Slide 7— Conclude your presentation with a summary and references.

CHALLENGE: This presentation needs to be informative, concise, and interesting. Do not go over 8 slides maximum!

VISUAL:Keep your presentation visually appealing for visual audiences.

SOURCES:Your textbook is required for this source and you must include at least ONE additional outside source to further expand our knowledge on the subject.

General Presentation Requirements:

  • Organize your information and make sure that it has a good flow of information
  • Check the spelling and grammar.
  • Add voice over for each of the slides.
  • Presentations should be visually helpful for the audience.
  • Give a brief overview at the start. Then present your more detailed information.
  • Finally review important points.

Purpose of the Introduction: The introduction is a way for you to “set the stage” for your presentation. It is important to first provide a context for your audience to familiarize them with your collaborative and highlight the mission/purpose of your collaborative. A good introduction draws the audience in so they stay engaged in the material throughout the presentation. All introductions are not alike; the content of the introduction depends on the objective of the presentation.

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