1. Project Background and Description

The purpose of this project is to mitigate the beach erosion problem and provide additional amenities for the resort. The beach
erosion problem has made it difficult to attract clients to the resort.
The project will include construction of a pier, the installation of an erosion barrier under the pier, and the installation of a buoy line
to isolate a safe area for swimmers and non-motorized water activities.

2. Cost Management Plan

With your project charter approved, it is now time to start creating your cost management plan. We need to define how you will
manage costs for the project. If a project charter is not available, list any necessary assumptions made in an assumptions log.
(See template in Moodle)

3. MS Project File:WBS

In the Zoom class on Monday, July 812h
, your professor will have walked through the creation of a Work Breakdown Structure
(WBS) in MS Project. (See recording posted in Moodle) Select a teammate that has successfully installed MS Project and refine the
MS Project WBS (posted in Moodle) to align with your team’s vision of the activities that will have a significant cost associated to

4. High-Level Requirements

Your cost management plan should include the following information: Use the definitions on page 238 of the PMBOK (v6) or page
82-83 of Project Manager’s Book of Forms for more details on each item.

 Units of measure

 Level of precision

 Level of accuracy

 Organizational procedures links

 Control thresholds

 Rules of performance measurement

 Reporting formats

 Additional details as per page 239 in PMBOK (optional)

 You must use the Cost Management Plan from the Project Manager’s Book of Forms. (Template posted in Moodle)

Your MS Project file should include information listed below. You can use the MPP template that is posted on the Moodle page as
a starting point for project plan, or you can create one on your own. Use the definitions on page 238 of the PMBOK (v6) or page 82-
83 of Project Manager’s Book of Forms for more details on each item.

 List of Activities for the project and list of significant items to purchase. (ie. Items that add up to a significant cost)
 Resources assigned to the activity (ie. Who is doing the work)?

 Estimated starting and ending dates. (This is not a scheduling course, exact dates are not required)

5. Deliverables

 A homework submission that aligns with the homework submission template that was developed in class.

 A cost management plan that outlines how you will manage the project costs based on the requirements listed above.

 A MS Project file (MSP) that summarized the activities and the purchases required for this project.

 An assumption log that identifies all important assumptions that were made to complete the cost management plan.

 A group activity log that clearly outlines which team members contributed to the project, how much time it took, and any
tools & techniques used.

 Please ensure you cite the sources of information in your assignment. You can use this site as a guide on how to properly
cite your sources:

Sending templates underneath

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