WK 4 D1 Respond to 2 Classmates HCA 430 100 words each


Regulatory, Legal, Ethical, and Accreditation Issues in Research

As highlighted in Chapter 9 of your course text, three research methods are available (descriptive, analytic, and evaluative). Discuss these methods and give one example of how each would be used when conducting research using homeless individuals as subjects. Analyze regulatory, accreditation, ethical, and legal issues and challenges related to each research method.

Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length. Your research and claims must be supported by your course text and at least one other scholarly source. Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a substantive response (minimum of 100 words) to at least two of your peers. Do you agree or disagree with your classmates’ explanation of the appropriateness of the methods used for this group? What other regulatory, ethical, and/or legal issues might be present in your classmates’ examples?

Week 4 D1 Responses

Classmate #1

Accacia Harperwilliams

Direct Cost

Roof: 300,000

Floor: 100,000


Paint: 100,000



Plumbing: 200,000

Electrical: 70,000

Landscaping: 200,000


Indirect Cost

Lost of Hours for Employees: 500,000


Comparison of cost:

Building repairs: 1,500,000 + Labor cost: 500,000

The decision:

Ultimately the money is being used in the best way possible, a positive return on investment will be seen. The building is being fixed and the program will benefit the community by making a positive impact and educating on HIV/AIDS and using preventive care to make people healthy and stay healthy

Section B: The rest of the $8 million dollars can be used by buying medical supplies and more educational tools to continue to teach and treat the local community. The organization can also try to reach more people and patients by trying to expand who their services can reach. An example of serving the community more could be local transportation.

Section C: There is such a negative stigma involved around HIV/AIDS, many are still not aware of the many ways the disease can be contracted. Education is key and what’s needed to be known according to the CDC is that not group of people or the way or where a person lives exempts them from getting the disease or is a major reason on why they do have it. Also no one should feel just because of somebody’s life choices that they deserve to get it. The stigma involved around the disease causes a negative impact on the life of those living with the it. The real way to change this is through Education, people need to be aware of the facts and understand that people can still have happy and healthy lives.

Burkholder, D & Nash, N. (2013). Special populations in health care, San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


Classmate #2

Ebony Anderson

Section A: Create a cost benefit analysis for an update that will improve the business: structural, office equipment, or staff. You can be creative in determining what the business needs. The cost will use the full amount of funds allotted to this improvement ($2 Million), so you can only improve one of these three needs

Note: Your work must include Steps 1-4, as outlined in section 7.2 of your course text.

Cost analysis is used to determine how monetary is distributed equally to each department. A cost benefits analysis (CBA) assigns monetary value, or dollar total, to both direct and indirect cost, then compares the costs and benefits of a project to determine the likelihood of the project producing a positive outcome and a good return on the financial investments of the project( Burkholder, D.M. & Nash, N. B., 2014).

Step 1: Determine how much financials needs to be distributed between direct and indirect cost.

Step 2: Determine how the program would benefit the community, patients and staff.

Step 3: Compare the cost between direct, indirect and benefits.

Step 4: Finalize the decision.

I chose to repair the structural repairs to the building, so it can be benefit the staff, patients and the residents in the community. In order to provide top quality of care the facility must be in top condition.

Direct Cost: Structural Repair

Roof Replacement: $400,000

Electrical Rewiring $65,000

Cabinet Installation $20,000

Plumbing Repairs $300,000

Flooring $175,000

Painting $10,000

HVAC $375,000

Internet Installation $13,000

Phone line Repairs $18,500

Total $1,376,500

Indirect Cost:

Labor Distribution: $311,750

Employee Compensation: $311,750

Total: 2,000,0000

Section B

I will utilize majority of the money on education. Education is a more productive way to educate everyone concerning stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. The money would allow for programs to be implemented, where people are able to attend to learn about the importance of being safe. The education would allow for presentations which would allow for brochures, condoms and ect. to be issued to individuals. HIV/AIDS, is contracted in multiply ways and most people only think that is contracted Sexually. Therefore, the education portion would allow for individuals to understand the concept of how HIV/AIDs is transmitted. The remaining of the finances would be utilized to provide protection to homeless shelters and the community. The facility would have an opportunity to receive condoms to protect themselves and others.

Section C

Cultural norms impact the risk of an individual HIV/AIDS. For instance, an individual that receives circumcision whether young or older, females and males may be prone to contracting HIV/AIDs. Most cultures believe in circumcising females and males due to their culture belief. The practice within a culture can cause for transmission of HIV because of blood transmission. The cultural norm is the belief and practice of what a person believes, which could cause for a person to become a carrier while destroying their life as well as others.

Resources: Burkholder, D. M., & Nash, N. B. (2013). Special populations in health care. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu


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