White Collar Crime


This is a research paper on the topic of white-collar crime (examples: Stock manipulation schemes, identity theft, health care fraud, investment fraud, Intellectual property theft/piracy) Students should choose one type of crime and discuss the patterns of criminal behavior for that type of crime. If a student is unsure about a topic being acceptable, contact me through Canvas for clarification. Students should choose one type of crime and discuss the patterns of criminal behavior for that type of crime. Use multiple types of research methods rather than just one type of data resource as described in the text (week 1 reading). Discuss the limitations in the data and its findings. Describe any biological, psychological, criminological, sociological correlates to that particular criminal behavioral pattern (attached reading). In your paper, discuss any policy that has been developed based on the data and findings. Furthermore, discuss effectiveness of that policy relating to the patterns of criminal behavior for that particular crime. Students must show their knowledge and understanding of the pattern of criminal behavior for the type of crime they are discussing in their paper.

The paper should be well written with correct spelling and proper grammar. Students should begin the paper with a thesis statement, followed by the body of the paper, and end the paper with a conclusion. The flow should be well organized throughout the whole paper to include the thesis statement, body and conclusion. The paper should display the student’s understanding and knowledge of the topic. The paper should not contain the student’s opinion on the topic. It should contain the facts and demonstrate the student’s knowledge of those facts. If these criterions are not followed than points will be deducted when grading the content of the paper.

The paper assignment must contain at least five (7) academic resources cited in it. The class textbook Profiles in Crime: Typologies of Criminal Behavior by Aida Y. Hass-Wisecup may be used but does not count as an academic resource for paper purposes. ALL references must be cited. Students may use other textbooks as academic resources. The resources that should be used are “peer-reviewed”, “academic” or “scholarly” journals. Examples of these types of journals: Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Criminal Justice Review, Criminal Justice Review) Students may use credible on-line resources. (Examples of these types of credible online resources are The DEA Government Website, The FBI Government Website, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Government Website, United States Secret Service Government Website, National White Collar Crime Center, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and Bureau of Justice Statistics. Do not use Wikipedia, newspaper articles, magazines (examples are Time, People, Newsweek, The New Yorker) or any blogs as the required academic resources for the paper. The reference section of the paper must contain a variety of acceptable resources and the proper citations. A student may have more than 7 resources cited in the paper but there have to be 7 resources that fit the academic criteria as stated. If a student is unsure about a resource being acceptable, contact me through Canvas for clarification

Sources: 7 sources required

Citation Style: APA 7th edition

5 pages / 1375 words (Double spacing)

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