What is the history behind early Christianity and Judaism?

Essay Topic:

Analyze the impact of the development and transmission of world religions on historical and current events, with an emphasis on the concept of Religious Nationalism (examples: Hindu Nationalism, Christian Nationalism, Jewish Nationalism, etc.).


This is obviously a very broad essay topic. The purpose of this essay is for you to think about the material that you have studied throughout this course. Provide your own analysis of the impact and legacy of the various historical events that you have studied. You are not expected to discuss every topic that we covered in this course. Pick a couple that you feel are the most important and that you can relate to the concept of Religious Nationalism. I will be looking for your ability to compare and contrast historical movements.

Suggestions for proceeding with this assignment:

1) Familiarize yourself with Religious Nationalism. A definition of this term is the politicization of a religion. It can refer to instances when a religion becomes an official state religion, when a religion is used as a rallying call for political independence or unification, or when a religion is used for the justification for the creation of a new state.

2) Look through your previous work for this class to refresh your memory on what you have learned.

3) Look through the textbook and make note of historical events that you think you would like to include in your essay, and that you can relate to Religious Nationalism.

5) Pick 2 or 3 topics to include in your essay. Read up on those topics from the textbook.

Please add in text citations with MLA format.

The essay topic that I chose the Christianity. Below are the pdf’s from the book that we had to read on christianity.

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