watch a movie and anwser questions

“Part 1. Directions: Please watch the movie

Your Inner Fish


The movie has accurate captions, if you wish to use them. You must watch the movie to answer the questions. Be warned-we will know if you google the answers. You are not allowed to use google docs to write this with other students. You may watch the movie together, but you may not work together to answer the questions. You need to paraphrase your answers-no credit will be given to students who copy the movie subtitles. This is considered plagiarism. If there is any evidence of copying off of another student or any other academic dishonesty, you will receive a zero and the issue will be brought to the university academic dishonesty board.”“Answer the questions using the text boxes provided below each question

.Upload the file through turnitin (on Canvas) using a PDF or a Word File only.”

1. “The theory of evolution is supported by many lines of evidence. This

video discusses many of these lines of evidence (paleontology,

embryology, genetics, etc.) Please summarize 3 different types of

evidence found in paleontology, embryology, and genetics that support

the idea that humans are descended from fish (meaning, describe the

scientific discoveries). No fewer than 3-4 full sentences. 3pts.”

2. “Neil Shubin and his team describe a number of variables that they

consider when identifying where to hunt for early land animals. List

and describe (as in, why do we need to identify these variables) two of

these variables in complete sentences. 2pts.”

3. “ Tiktaalik

has many features that classify it as a “transitional fossil”.List

and describe at least 3 of these features. In your answer, describe

why these features are considered transitional. 3pts.”

4. “What does Sonic the Hedgehog (the gene, not the video game) do?

Explain what can happen if the gene isn’t activated enough or it is

activated too much-give an example of this. 2pt.”

5. “These fossils were found in the Arctic, in Greenland, where it is very

cold and snowy through most of the year. However, their environment

when they were alive 470 million years ago was not cold and snowy. Explain. This isn’t discussed in the movie-you have to think about it

geologically. 2pt.”

6. “Write a paragraph (4-5 sentences) on what you found interesting

about this movie, or what you learned. Feel free to ask any questions

you have about the movie. 2pts.”

“Part 2. Lecture material questions.”

1. “The Cambrian Explosion and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification

event both resulted in major expansions of diversity on Earth. However,

the types of diversity were very different. Explain two differences

between the two, in terms of the types of diversity evolving during the

events. I would warn heavily against googling the answers for this-use

your lecture notes. 4pts.”

2. “The following questions relate to the phylogenetic tree below. Note

that the branches are square shaped instead of v-shaped. The tree can

be read in the exact same way. 2pts.”

a. “What organism is the sister group to

all symmetrical animals?”

b. “Who is sister group to the chordates?”

c. “Mollusks have two shells. Lophophorates have two shells,

though they are constructed differently and made of different

minerals. Is this homology or homoplasy?”

d. “Why might bilateral symmetry have evolved (use your class


3. “Using the below C


diagram, answer the following questions.”

a. “The amount of C


in the rock record indicates what about

photosynthetic activity? Be specific; mention high and low C




b. “In the Phanerozoic, there is a large decrease in C


at about 250

million years ago. What might the climate have been like during

the decrease, knowing what you know about C


(discuss both

temperature and photosynthetic activity in your answer)? 2pts.”

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