Walmart Case analysis

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March 5* – Case Due at start of class. Individual (no co-authored papers),Case #2 Half A Century of Supply Chain Management at Wal-Mart, See Chapter 2, Sections 5, 6 7,8, and 9; Use Chapter 2, Exhibit 2.3 as a template in analyzing and organizing your midterm; 3 pages maximum of text (Individual) and 2 pages maximum of supporting exhibits, typed, 12-point font.

  • Cover Page with your student I.D. number on every page – no name
  • Business format: Concise, outline –use of bulleted items is highly recommended
  • Written in 3rd person; Staple paper (under left hand corner of paper)
  • Types of supporting exhibits that can be to be used in your analysis
    Financial Analysis,SPACE Analysis, VIRO Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, PESTEL, Competitive Forces, S- and Experience curves, Portfolio Matrix, Strategic Audit, Other
  • Assume I read the case – do not repeat case back to me; Assume that you are writing to Tim Cook
  • Do not include any information/references past the date of the case – you can bring new information from secondary sources into your case analysis, but do not go beyond case date (this is not required, there is sufficient information in the case to do in-depth analysis.
  • See Case Scoring (Chapter 2) – I will use this in grading your mid-term
  • Grade Weight. 15%

Thanks for u reading, I will send u the rest of two document. One is Case 2.PPT. Another is the case analysis guideline Link.

If u have any consideration or question, please feel free contract with me. Thanks!

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