Vulnerability Assessment of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Assignment # 1: Vulnerability Assessment (20%) – Course Objectives # 2 – 4

Develop and complete a vulnerability assessment tool to be used to conduct a survey of a home, business, faith institution or other physical facility of your choice.

The paper is expected to include:

1) Cover page with student’s name, course title and number, and date submitted.

2) Body of paper:

A. Introduction that provides the purpose of the paper;

B. Discussion of the site selection and the rationale for the site selected;

C. Components of the vulnerability assessment; and

D. Suggestions and recommendations of security counter-measures to mitigate and reduce the risk of identified vulnerabilities to an acceptable level.

3) Reference list.

4) Appendix that provides a copy of the vulnerability assessment tool that you assembled and used for the project.

All papers should be submitted to the assignment folder and adhere to APA guidelines. It should be a minimum of five (5) to ten (10) computer-generated, double-spaced pages and use a 12-point font. Margins are to be 1 inch (top, bottom, right, and left). This does NOT include the vulnerability assessment tool that will be added as an appendix.



1) Facility described

2) Mission of facility or organization described

3) Perimeter of facility described

4) Surrounding geographical and neighborhood described

5) Assets identified

6) Critical assets prioritized with rationale provided as to how they relate to facility’s mission

7) Process to identify vulnerabilities to critical assets described

8) Vulnerabilities identified and their relation to critical assets

9) Relevant information from review of past security incidents described and how past security incidents were used to identify vulnerabilities

10) Potential loss and consequences of loss described

11) Security countermeasures to address vulnerabilities identified and described

12) Cost of security countermeasures and impact on organization’s budgetary restraints addressed

13) Vulnerability Assessment Tool included as an Appendix

Organization and Writing

Checklist for Graduate Student Papers

Overall Organization

___Content addresses the Assignment’s Requirements

___Paragraphs and sentences written using Standard American English and graduate level grammar and punctuation

___Headings and subheadings used throughout paper to identify sections and components of paper

___At least 2 paragraphs per heading


___Builds case for importance of/need for paper

___Foreshadows paper organization (e.g., explicitly mentions all major sections)

___Closes with explicit statement of purpose


___Appropriate headings and subheadings used for organization

___Every section introduced and summarized

___Every point fully developed, clearly explained

___Every paragraph has introductory and summary sentences

___All paragraphs at least two or more sentences, but less than one page in length

___ Most paragraphs roughly equal length

___ Most sentences roughly equal length

___ References for every statement of fact

___Secondary sources used sparingly, if at all

___Few direct quotes; all have quotation marks and page numbers

___Few authors or sources outside parentheses

___Most in-text citations at end, not middle, of sentences

___Few cites of a source more than once in the same paragraph

___ Body is appropriate length


___Summarizes major points

___Includes limitations

___Gives recommendations and/or implications


___Uses 1″ margins, 12-point Times New Roman font

___Numbers pages

___Abstract includes at least one sentence from introduction, method, results, and discussion

Final Steps

___Paper has been carefully proofread for organization, content, and errors in spelling and grammar

___All Microsoft Word red and green underlines checked

___References cited using APA format and checked for accuracy

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