University of Michigan US Children Obesity Problems Essay

My topic is :Should US government put strategies to help reduce children obesity problems? 

So for this order, this is not an argument paper, but a controversy paper, can give some background information of US children obesity problems.


Controversy Paper (Regarding Background Research for Your Chosen Debate)

Purpose: The goal of this short essay is to set you up for success on your Final Research Project by, first, ensuring there is a genuine controversy regarding your chosen topic, before you delve deeply into researching, and, second, by applying a fair and objective balance of critical and sympathetic reading in response to background research. Strive to resist rushing into a position before your research Annotated Bibliography research is complete.  

Note of Caution: This first paper is not an argumentative essay and is not intended to support a reasoned argument (enthymeme), but rather this is a preparatory background research assignment BEFORE you begin your deeper Annotated Bibliography research that you will later analyze to develop an enthymeme for your Final Research Essay.  

Summary: To guide development of your central research arc, write a controversy paper that’s at least three full pages( word count at least 1000) long (not including notes), with a recommended maximum of four, on the same topic as your approved Proposal.  Identify the pressing social problem facing our world today that you have selected as your focus this term, examine the central controversy surrounding competing efforts to address this problem, pinpoint the various stake holders in the debate, and contextualize at least one guiding question-at-issue that will focus and direct your Annotated Bibliography research; to do so, analyze quotations and examples from a small introductory sample of reliable research sources found from independent research (not assigned sources from Everybody Eats), including at least three research sources (at least two scholarly articles and one reliable popular source) that frame the parameters of the debate regarding your chosen social problem.  (Please note: these three Controversy Paper sources cannot be used again in your Annotated Bibliography.) 

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