Transcribing Women’s Suffrage

Activity 4.1 is a hands-on transcription activity that will prompt you to examine a collection of historical papers and documents related to the Women’s Suffrage movement and some of the significant women who championed the cause. By the People is a crowdsourced archival transcription initiative hosted by the Library of Congress. The program invites the public to help transcribe, review, and tag digitized pages from the Library’s archival collections. Volunteer-created transcriptions improve search, readability, and access to handwritten and typed documents for everyone, including people who are not fully sighted. All transcriptions are made and reviewed by volunteers before they are returned to, the Library’s website.

Activity Instructions:undefined

1. Closely read the following instructional materials about the transcription project:

Welcome Guide (Read the full welcome guide instructions on how to transcribe, review, and register)

2. Register for a free account to get started.

3. Browse the “Suffrage: Women Fighting for the Vote” project files for documents labeled “in progress” or “needs review”. Read through a sample of the transcriptions to get a sense of the transcription conventions and workflow process. Refer to the welcome guide instructions for relevant information.

4. Finish an existing transcription: Choose 1 “in progress document”, verify the accuracy of the existing portion of the transcription, and then try to finish transcribing the remaining text. When you complete the task save the transcription and send it for review.

5. Review a Transcription for Publication: Choose 1 “needs review document” to examine, carefully read the document and check the text for accuracy. Complete your review of the document following the website instructions. Submit your review when done.

6. Take a screenshot or photo of your account profile showing a log of your completed transcriptions and reviews.

7. Save images of the documents you transcribed and reviewed.

8. Post the image files as evidence of your work. One image should show the number of transcriptions tracked on your profile. The 2 other images should each be photos of the original documents you transcribed.

Your post should include text or image files with the following photos attached:

  • a photo/screenshot of your profile tracker/log showing completed transcription activities
  • photo/screenshot of the document you finished transcribing
  • photo/screenshot of the document you reviewed for publication

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