this project is on theory of writing

so in this semester in our English class we had there projects which I will be uploading the files so you get to know what the projects were I will also submit the link of my portfolio and the example about how you need to write theory of writing

this project is about theory of writing on all the three projects which I have done and also I will give you the example how you need to write and what all I expect in this project

the link of my portfolio is here…you can see all the projects and cover letters and u need to write this project of theory of writing including all the three projects

Before submitting your portfolio for evaluation, you will be required to curate and synthesize your learning using the learning outcomes from the course. For the reflection page (separate from the cover letters you uploaded for each project), you will be asked to compose a “theory of writing.” This theory should be developed from your literacy practices throughout the course and beyond.

Invention Work: Reflect

You will reflect on your development as a reader, writer, and critical thinker in relation to your field of study and explain how your learning has led you to a specific theory of writing. Your theory should be informed by your literacy practices, the learning outcomes of the course, your academic field, your understanding of writing across the university, and should suggest how your prior experiences with writing will prepare you for successful engagement in future professional occasions for writing. Your reflection and theory of writing should be supported concrete evidence (i.e. quotes, examples, screen shots, anecdotes, and other examples) from your own writing in this course, your revisions, peer comments, professor comments, readings, discussion board posts, and any other writing from the other arenas of your life that you think is relevant.

Collect and Analyze Evidence

  • Revisit the course learning outcomes
    • English Department Learning Goals for English 20
      Students will develop rhetorical knowledge and awareness of writing in the disciplines through:
      • Reading texts from a variety of disciplines in a variety of genres
      • Identifying appropriate context-based writing conventions
      • Composing, informally and/or formally, in a variety of genres
      • Developing the ability to think critically about the values and standards of various disciplines
  • Revisit the places in Canvas where you have discussed your process; engaged in conversations about writing, revision, discourse communities, rhetorical situations, analysis; were introduced to concepts (e.g., readings and powerpoint presentations, instructional videos, recorded class sessions)
  • Collect this evidence in a word document.
  • Then, pull up your cover letters from each program. Read across these letters. Analyze them using the following questions:
    • What patterns emerge?
    • What themes?
    • How are those patterns and themes related to the process of writing or theories of rhetoric and discourse communities?
    • Where does your reflection echo the learning outcomes

Draft your Theory of Writing

  • Illustrate your current struggles, accomplishments, and abilities as a reader, writer, and critical thinker in relation to your field of study).
  • Include a controlling idea (i.e. a claim about what writing is)
  • Incorporate the habits of mind from the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (see link under Instructional Materials in Module 4)
  • Support your claims about writing with specific and concrete references to your own work (i.e. notes, process work, passages from your essays, project reflections, feedback on your peer’s work, etc.)–this “support” might take the form of quotes, screen shots, excerpts, narrated examples, anecdotes, etc.
  • Explain how your evidence relates to your thesis–your theory of writing— with well-crafted warrants
  • Conclude by suggesting how your growth as a reader, writer, and critical thinker throughout ENG 20A prepares you for future professional writing and research projects.

these are the questions u need to address for this project of theory of writing

now I am uploading all the project question files and the example of how u need to write

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