Synthesizing Secondary Sources


For this writing exercise you will be creating what is known as a “Synthesis Matrix” which is a useful tool for organizing your argument and the evidence you plan to use to support it in your research report. I have already created an existing template for you to use for this assignment, each of you has been given your own copy through Google Classroom. You should work directly in the document by entering the relevant information into the appropriate boxes on the template. The assignment directions were handed out in hard copy during class, but will also be included with the template if you need to review them again.


So long as you do not drastically modify the template itself there should not be any issues regarding formatting. For this particular assignment the content is the most critical element I am looking at. You should include page numbers for your OWN reference whenever you add evidence from a source to the matrix, this will allow you to find the information again later.

Assignment Requirements

You are always welcome to write MORE than the minimum, or recommended, amount especially if you need to do so to get to each component of the prompt.

The necessary components of this assignment are:

  1. A hypothesis/working thesis in response to your research question.
  2. A minimum of four (4) claims to support that hypothesis.
  3. The inclusion of evidence from at least five (5) sources.

Your writing exercises will be marked out of 5 points. Below is a rubric that outlines how I will be evaluating/marking your writing exercises.


The assignment was turned in on time, completes the task(s) outlined in the assignment sheet, and is the appropriate length.


The assignment might completes most, but not all, of the task(s) outlined in the assignment sheet, but still meets the length requirements.


The assignment, completes most, but not all, of the task(s) outlined in the assignment sheet, but fails to meet the length requirements.


The assignment completes SOME of the task(s) outlined in the assignment sheet, and does not meet the length requirements.


The assignment fails to complete MOST of the task(s) outlined in the assignment sheet, and/or significantly fails to meet the length requirement.


The assignment was never turned in, or was not submitted on time.

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