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I need two separate reply posts for the students post I have attached. I have also attached the instructions for the original initial posts for reference. The reply posts should be in a discussion format so as to create a conversation of sorts between me and the student that is being responded to. The two posts should not have a reference to the other students posts. I had this assignment done by another tutor, and they did not understand that. The responses do not need to be analysis of how the student exactly wrote. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me for ANY clarification. The instructions for the reply posts are within those as well. I highlighted those though. I have attached a PDF of what the RISE model is if you don’t know

Week One Discussion: Intrusion Case Analysis

Discussion Board Overview

  • Read the case Deteresa v. ABC (9th Cir. 1997)
  • Examine the questions below, and craft one initial post and at least two response posts

Discussion Board Goals

  • Recognize trespass and limitations in regard to ac­cessing private property
  • Determine methods to avoid being accused of intrusion offenses
  • Recognize when to prepare video, photo, and audio re­lease forms


Initial post (at least 400 words of thoughtful analysis):

Read the case, Deteresa v. ABC (9th Cir. 1997), and answer the following questions. Upload your post to the Week One Discussion Board on FSO.

  • Did Anthony Radziwill show his press credentials when he approached the front door of Beverly Deteresa?
  • What did Deteresa tell Radziwill?
  • Where was the camera crew when they taped the conversation?
  • What did Deteresa do when she found out she was recorded without her approval and that ABC did not need her permission to air the footage?
  • Why was Radziwill/ABC not held liable for the following: (1) unlawful eavesdropping on or recording of confidential communications; (2) physical intrusion on solitude or into private affairs; (3) violation of federal eavesdropping statute; (4) fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud?
  • Do you think it made a difference in the outcome that ABC only aired 5 seconds of the videotape but never broadcast the audiotape?
  • What would you have done differently to avoid the lawsuit?

Response post (at least 100 words per response):

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts, using the RISE model as your guide – Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, and Elevate. (I have attached a PDF of what the RISE model is if you don’t know.)

Discussion due Dates and Guidelines

  • Response post must be at least 100 words per response
  • Any outside sources must be properly cited
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors before uploading your posts

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