Strategy Decision Making

Question- 1

Read The Cohesion Case (“The Hershey Company, 2015”) at the end of Chapter 1 and then do Exercise 1C “Update the Hershey Cohesion Case” Steps 1 thru 3 (Hershey Press Releases can be located in the “Events, Reports, and Releases” tab on the Hershey website).This is a one page, double-spaced assignment.

Then go to the end of Chapter 2 and do Exercise 2C “Write a Vision and Mission Statement for the Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3.This is a minimum of one-page, double-spaced assignment. Also, attempt to refine the vision and mission statements so that they are optimum suggestions for Hershey (300 words plus)


Go to the end of Chapter 3 and do Exercise 3F “Develop a Competitive Profile Matrix for Hershey” Steps 1 thru 3.Then go to the end of Chapter 4 and do Exercise 4C “Perform a Financial Ratio Analysis for Hershey Company” Step 1.After creating a CPM (one-page minimum assignment) and after completing the financial ratio analysis (one page minimum). After that, refine the CPM and the financial ratio analysis so that they are acceptable for Hershey giving your suggestions in 300 plus words.


Go to the end of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5C “What Strategies Should Hershey Pursue in 2017 (2018)?” Steps 1 and 2 (minimum of one page assignment).(When accessing Hershey’s website, you’ll have to click on “News Center,” instead of Newsroom.)Then go to the end of Chapter 6 and do Exercise 6A “Perform a SWOT Analysis for Hershey Company” as an individual, one page assignment.Then, type your response of about 300 words or more attempting to refine your strategies and your SWOT.


Research Hershey’s organizational chart and organizational structure.Type a two page paper describing Hershey’s organizational structure and how it benefits, or detracts from, Hershey’s strategic plans.


Go to the end of Chapter 8 and do Exercise 8E “Determine the Cash Value of Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3.Submit your calculations for the Net Worth Method and the Net Income Method, along with your determination of Hershey’s cash value for the 2017 fiscal year. Then refine and come to an agreement about Hershey’s cash value in your own words in 300+ words.


Go to the end of Chapter 10 and do Exercise 10B “Does Hershey Company or Mars, Inc. Win on Sustainability?” Steps 1 thru 3 (one page minimum assignment).Then attempt to make a decision as to which company wins in your own words in more than 300 words.

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