Sociology Question

You will pick a current event or global issue then critically analyze it using a minimum of 8 theories. This is not a opinion paper nor is a summary paper, thus, all information must be supported through appropriate citations through scholarly research and must focus on deconstructing your 8 theories through your topic rather than just summarizing it.. Each paper should be 15002000 words in length.

Paper Guidelines:

Length: Each paper should be 1500-2000 words in length NOT including cover page, footnotes/endnotes, Titles, or Bibliography.

Formatting: Times New Roman Size, 12 sized, Double Spaced. There must be an introduction where you will present your argument and a conclusion. Please write on the left side corner on top of the page the following: Name, 8 theories used, your Current Event or Global Issue, word count.

Citations: You are free to use whichever format you like (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.) However, every information not your own must be cited in-text with Author’s Last Name, Year Published, & Page Number. (NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE)

No Use of Quotes: Quotes are not allowed.

Original Content: Using a paper or material from a previously submitted paper from another course is not allowed. All content must be original.

Grammar: Proper grammar and sentence structure.

Here are the theories, you have to choose 8 out of all of them to tie to the topic picked:

Theory of intersectionality

Human capital theory

Rational choice theory

Socialization theory

Natural selection theory

Cultural transformation theory

Chilvary theory

Masculinity theory

Opportunity theory

Media theory

Hegemony theory

Reception theory

Feminist theory

Structuralism theory

Economic marginalization theory

Evolutionary theory

Feminist theory

Institutional theory

Power inequality theory

Biological theory

Sociology classical theory

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