Social Science Question

For this assignment you must get atleast 9 correct. There are 11 questions they are multiple choice questions. The IZC zoning code book, Powerpoint ,and Apple Valley zoning codes

Item at position 1

If you wanted to build operate a storage yard, which of the following Commercial Zoning Divisions would allow this use?

Item at position 2

(Choose ALL that Apply). Which Commercial Zoning Divisions in the IZC would allow a Physical Fitness Center?

Item at position 3

(Choose ALL that Apply). Which Commercial Zoning Divisions in the IZC would allow a building that is 50 feet in height?

Item at position 4

At the Apple Valley Building and Safety Zoning web-site, which of the following IS NOT described as furthering the objective of “promoting the health, safety and welfare by achieving the following”. . .

Item at position 5

Which of the following zoning districts allows a variety of uses including, but not limited to, food service, office, auto, truck and recreation vehicle sales and service, lumber yards, home repair and building supplies, discount and wholesale sales and light manufacturing are permitted, consistent with the goals, policies and objectives of the General Plan.

Item at position 6

Which of the following zoning districts is intended to provide an area in which certain light industrial uses may be combined with those commercial activities which are frequently not compatible with conventional retail, service and office uses.

Item at position 7

Which of the following zoning districts is intended to allow for the development of projects that include residential, retail and office commercial development in an integrated, master planned project.

Item at position 8

Which of the following zoning districts permits a truck yard and/or repair with a Conditional Use Permit?

Item at position 9


1 point

In the notes, what is the maximum height of stored hay, packaged feed and related bulk feed products at a Feed and Tack business?

Item at position 10

What is the minimum lot area of a Mixed-Use site?

Item at position 11

What is the maximum height of a building in a C-R District that is 100′ or more from residential use?

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