Risk Management Question

Research project in the course

Risk management and insurance

(15 degrees)

Research topic:

You choose one of the productive, industrial or commercial projects and prepare a plan for managing the risks of this project in a purely hypothetical manner that depends on learning resources, whether from the library or the Internet, as well as on Previous experiences of the work team as well as brainstorming sessions among you.

Important instructions:

1. The research project is a mini project in the sense that the number of research pages is not less than six pages and not more than ten pages.

2. The coordination and arrangement of the research elements will be taken into account when evaluating the research.

3. The titles are in simplified Arabic font (16) and the text of the research is in the same font, but (14)

4. The date for submitting the research will be in the last lecture of this semester, God willing, which will be dedicated to the presentation of the presentation of the research

5. After completing the research, each one makes a PowerPoint presentation (presentation) in about ten slides to review the points included in the research, and one of the team members presents on behalf of the team within half an hour (in the last lecture in the semester).

6. Attached to you are the various elements and the main headings of the research as our assistance to you in preparing this research

<insert project name>

risk management study

1. Introduction

In this part, he writes an introduction to research in general, and a definition of the type of company that you will make a risk management plan for

2. Define risk management

This section provides a definition of risk management and risk management steps from the reality of your studies as well as from the reality of books and research that you will look at, whether from the library or the Internet. (half page is enough for that suction).

3. Risk Management Objectives

This section reviews the objectives of risk management from the reality of your study, as well as from the reality of books and research that you will review, whether from the library or the Internet. half page is enough for that suction).

4. Identify the risks

This part is one of the most important parts of the research, in which all the risks to which the project is exposed are reviewed and identified, whether:

Operational risks – financial risks – technical risks – logistical risks – physical risks – legal risks ……… and so on

5. Risk analysis

In this part, the previously identified risks are assessed and analyzed by previous experience and brainstorming through:

Putting a value on the probability of the occurrence of the risk according to a five-point scale (very strong, strong, medium, weak, very weak) as well as putting a value on the impact of the risk (the impact of the loss on the company) according to the same previous five-scale

Previous degrees are determined with hypothetical values based on our experiences, as well as by reviewing previous studies or even by conducting some interviews with employees of some companies.

6. Prioritize risk

In this part, the risks are arranged according to the priority of dealing with them through the previous hypothetical assessment, by multiplying the degree of probability by the degree of impact.

7. Preparing a matrix of strategies for dealing with risk

In this section, a matrix for dealing with risk (the five-way matrix) is prepared, which is already present in most of the previous studies on the Internet.

8. Determine the strategy for dealing with each risk according to the previous matrix

Based on the risk analysis and matrix, in this part, we can define a strategy for dealing with each risk separately

9. Summary of the research

In this section, we review a summary of what was done in this research within half a page or a little more

10. Research references

In this section, all references that were used and based on in the research are written

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