Rewriting Your Monologue

Rewriting Your Monologue

Now that you have your monologue you must show that you fully understand what you are saying, why you are saying it, and the objective of your character.

In your own words rewrite the monologue. 150 words or more

1. Be sure to include your character’s objective.
Every story and scene should have a beginning, middle, and end.

2. Use common sense to avoid incomplete thoughts.

3. Add layers to your monologue.
Think subtext and conflict. Obstacles.

Overall, have fun! Acting is about play. Whatever you write and act, please be kind to yourself during the creative process. Be your own biggest fan.

Be sure to put a title on this assignment, preferably your monologue title.


by Milcha Sanchez-Scott


Nine minutes…I will now put on the same old
smelly boots, I will walk to the fields. The scent of cow dung and
rotting vegetation will the air. I will wait with the same group of
beaten-down, pathetic men…taking their last piss against a tree, dropping hard
turds in the bushes. All adding to this fertile whore of a valley. At 7:30 that
yellow mechanic grasshopper, the Deerfield tractor, will belch and move. At
this exact moment our foreman, John Knipe, will open his pig sucking mouth,
exposing his yellow pointy, plaque-infested teeth. He yells, “Start picking, boys.”
The daily will begins…the intimidation of violent growth…the expanding melons
at squashes, the hardiness of potatoes, the waxy purple succulence of eggplant
the potency of ripening tomatoes. All so smug, so rich, so ready to burst with
sheer generosity and exuberance. They mock me…I hear them…”Hello hector,”
they say, “they say, “show us watcha got,” and “Yo Hector we got
bacteria on here more productive than you.”…I look to the ground. Slugs,
snails, worried slithering in the earth with such ferocious hunger they devour
their own taliflies oozing out Larvae, aphids, bees,
gnats, caterpilliars their prolification on slightly
dampened by our sprays. We still find egg sacks hiding, ready to burn forth.
Their teeming life, their lust, is shameful…a mockery of me and slender
spirit…Well it’s time…Bye Ma. (He exits)

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