Research Roundtable Discussion


This assignment is called a Research Roundtable Discussion. You will post a reply to my prompt about your Paper. And you will post a reply to three different classmates about their Paper. In other words, you must have four replies total to get full credit (25 points). You must post before you can see others’ replies.


You must post a reply to my prompt. Your reply should be 10-15 sentences long total. You can simply type the question number followed by your answer.

  1. Explain what your Paper is about. “I was interested how…” or “I wanted to know why…” etc. (2-3 sentences)
  2. Write your research gap. “However, past research failed to consider…” (1-2 sentences)
  3. List all hypotheses for your Paper. “My hypotheses are…H1: …H2: …
  4. Explain what would happen in your study. “In my study, I would…” or “In my study, the participants would…” (3-5 sentences)
  5. Explain how you think your results would turn out, your best guess. “I expect that my results would show…” (3-5 sentences)

Reply to Three Classmates:

In addition to your post about your Paper, you must reply to three (3) of your classmates about their paper. In your reply to your classmates, please do the following:

In 3-5 sentences for each reply to three of your classmates, tell them what you liked about their Paper (“I like your study because…”) or tell them what is interesting about their Paper (“What I find most interesting about your study is…”).

I have included my research paper attached, I need the first prompt completed first before I can send three classmate posts for you to reply too.

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