Research Proposal

the Topic of the paper is about female finding their voices in politics and media and narrow it down with an example of the amazon prime series (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

Term Paper (100 points)

This research will be presented as part of a research forum to be held on the last day of class.The research paper written during this class will be used to fulfill the requirements of the Graduate Studies Office for students pursuing a non-thesis option in ORGC. This is a class that will meet three times a semester which is usually the first , the middle and the last which is when the research proposal is due. The time off from class is going to be spent on writing your proposal and asking me questions either during my office hours or by email or by phone.

Format of how the paper should be written.

Please refer to APA ways of citing your sources and references page and have 15 number of sources.

I’ll provide sample papers, and you can use them as a guide line to write the research paper.

Suggested Readings

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